Canada’s a Wolf in Sheeps Clothing.

Are Canadians more educated because of its social system? Not practically. Canadians have the highest rate of ‘vocational qualifications’ called ‘tertiary-B’ education and place seventh among OECD nations for ‘tertiary-A’ (university-level) attainment. As a group, Canadians score average on literacy tests and below average on numeracy tests among these developed nations (source).

While Canadians feel we are more enlightened than the world because of our attitude to gender violence and lack of abuse, as recorded by the OECD, the OPP (‘state troopers’) are revisiting 4,000 cases of sexual assault complaints that were ‘unfounded’ at the time (source). Canada’s ‘goodie two shoes’ image might be complicit in ‘smoothing things out’, so much as to manipulate polls and surveys.

“Father’s day is a great reminder of how blessed I am to still have my Dad alive and able to spend time with me,” says a drug-addicted Registered Nurse who is charged with serial-murder (source).

The Canadian media poses a material obstacle in culling sexual assault incidences. A funny thing with the Canadian press is to be too geo-protective. A look into sexual assault breaks down because incidences are attributed to each locality and yet our practical geography is so cozy. Canada has been divided and conquered with a complicity in looking good for the OECD cameras. A recent exposé found that 20% of reported sexual assault complaints are effectively ‘withdrawn’ as unfounded (source).

Clip of a music video from Canadian musician The Weeknd, with ‘trees on fire’ that goes unnoticed.

Canadians, as a group, have a profound sense of comfort stemming from the riches of oil and natural resources. But the low tide in oil prices like tectonic pressure is squeezing its dark horses up to the top. Canada’s household debt is 175%, including mortgage loans and other liabilities on a family; above it are a mere clump of tiny countries like Iceland. This supposes that Canada’s home-ownership status is fairly young, compared to a country like the USA where total household debt including home mortgage is 113% (source).

Unexpectedly, the financial assets of Canadians is a low 23%, and these include pensions and savings. Poland has an admirable 46% of financial assets. The most revealing data on Canadian’s behavior is household savings rate, which has been stagnant since 2000. Similar sized nations, like Australia, are raising their savings rates and Portugal, which is seeing a drop in its savings rate because of a bad economy has had a long track record of saving for bad times.

On the scale of consumer spending, Canadians place well below Mexico next to South Korea.

Canada’s near ‘clubby’ choice of language, STI (sexually transmitted infections) vs STD’s and other obfuscations that are language loopholes preventing conversation at a systemic level, as if drug use and sexual promiscuity are competitive advantages, serve its ‘goodie two-shoes’ image by making it hard to communicate with Canadians over pressing concerns of the global community. This might have divided Canadians inside the country, the world keeps it at a cordial arms length. They can tell by our permissive sex and drug laws, as well as other behavior, that Canada’s ‘out of it’ and protecting its little image – Canada is the ‘Liberal Elite’ nightmare of even liberal Americans – incompetence, unpractical and inexperience.

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