Why Yahoo Matters To The American Way Of Life


Yahoo is a ‘hell hound’ to the American way of life. For guys, it offers usually women with great jobs flashing a boob..and for women it offers fancy clothes on drunk chicks who don’t deserve it. It is media for people with little jobs and too much heat.” You read it and you get dumb. How can this be plausible?

Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, was put in place by the M&A Firm to cut up Yahoo. She ain’t your savior, she’s a butcher specialist too, from the beginning. She accomplishes her job with each sale off. She accomplishes her job for each sell off and she just needs to add some bells and whistles to her website, like a gambling license, including the type of things I first mentioned.

Those on the home front who can’t draw the connection between work that strengthens the middle class and work that weakens it. And they see no point in showcasing our society’s virtues as a deterrent to terrorism because ‘terrorists to them are defacto nincompoops.’ So that a segment of media is behaving as if, no matter our faults, we are a superior culture and society. And while the war is raging, they at home, feel like they have license to ‘fuck around’.

So they say…it’s media for dumb people as if that’s alright..because it ain’t. You’re wasting their time! (St. Joseph Communications can change its name to Altaba…it’s less sinful! Because I had a hell of a time telling this story! Had to practically spit at Mofu Pino’s feet!!!) They haven’t a care for other societies, ally or foe. Unfortunately, how the world works is, our own shit is usually more comforting than new food. And of those who make films to change the world…it’s the very limits of the universe, where only things like education and home life can pick up.

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