When Did They Call A Hipster A Spade?

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UPDATE: Media is your competitor in all lines of business!!! Markle buffoonary w/ British Monarchy to USA Network to NBC to Blackstone Hedge Fund..a private equity firm run by a retired US General that makes bets on world crisises.

If not totally complete information, are the connections neutral? Is it more accurate or more inaccurate to say these connections leverage one another, based on material historic events thus far? Has your view been changed by this post, compared to your view yesterday about these business entities? Than things are material.

Some people don’t seem to know much about work other than their own. Case in point…

“Harry’s American sweetheart takes a Britishness test… but it doesn’t go well”

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Is this soap? Meanwhile back at Buckingham Palace.. “The Duke and Duchess are also ready to step up their royal duties, (and) contemplating giving up his career as a helicopter pilot to take up a full-time public role..they are expected to leave it behind after deciding Prince George should be schooled in London and that Kensington Palace should be their full-time base.” Story

A $1.42 a day says so..