Unpaid Internship Debunked. Legal But Not Work.

As an intern at General Electric, my salary was paid by the company and the government. The type of internship I got is a direct relationship to my vocation especially underlined by my pay. The other type of internship, the unpaid kind, ought not have an ’employment relationship’ says the law – that is in no way does it have a direct link to the person’s vocation (through pay or school credit).

How can this be? In the most optimistic case it is like an extended ‘information interview’ and another case it might be part of another type of social program, like personal training but not vocational training. So unpaid internship, without direct ’employment relationship’ has little effect on your vocation. In plain language it’s getting ‘troubled kids work ready’ by providing extra training (not of their vocation but of some other thing) to improve their odds at a normal career.
The unpaid internship suffered by lawyers at big law firms usually payoff for the most talented with big paying jobs. In a real case, in Toronto, some major media outlets were stopped by the government in hiring and using unpaid interns for full-time office hours. Basically, a pool of hundreds of young people doing ‘information interviews’ over months daily from 9 to 5.

Unpaid internships at two of the country’s best-known magazines violate provincial labour laws, the Ontario government said Thursday, adding other sectors will also soon face scrutiny.

How many ended up with permanent work? Very very few that they have a better chance on the talent show X-Factor. (Toronto has a proud tradition of being ‘new’.)