[Editorial on Media]

American media is so mature that it has to take a lead and behave like an ambassador, not like a narcissist. Some audiences take security and the American consumer for granted. It affords them a high degree of narcissism. Different issues pains the body in the same way – bored at work and bored homeless. But some issues are like a solvent dissolving our national identity and worth. Worth is only in relation to others, else self worth is pointless if we are God’s only creation on a deserted island. What we organize for is more important than the ‘beauty’ of our organization. And that we attempt to be better than ourselves is better than being recognized as the best in our field, if we are grateful for everything that makes us strong and loving. We leave behind those things when we go home and tell about our day..did we get along and did we make others happy and did we do a good job. The gap between prejudice and disapproval is our identity. It amounts to the things we embrace in front of others lest we sleep and eat with it too. Ignorance has led to ignorance and insecurity has lead to a grasping at straws. Yet we are still plenty well off, so I believe we have barely passed our first test calling out our identity. And some have moved to the center of the pack, not as leaders but for a security blanket. At the core of American media is a dimming light when exports shine across the world only to be called unAmerican and traitorous. Exports that are universal and communal with one aim to communicate well the value of entertainment without false intellectualism. Media fails government and it fails the grassroots. It isn’t a war monger but a spoilt child asking to be spanked..with war…because it’s as big as oil