Canada Is Not Doing Good

What is bubbling over is the underground economy. In recent news, unlicense Chinese nannies called doulas and rampant shoplifting of upscale groceries (like lobster) to fuel drug habits, and sold through organized criminal channels. Banks are reporting that lying on mortgage applications is now a problem. Juxtapose this to the current climate in the USA. Ford decides to build a plant on ‘home turf’ and Amazon plans to hire 100,000 to fill USA positions.

The current unemployment rate remains unchanged. As high as 12% in some provinces, and there are just 10 provinces in this country, and in ‘robust’ Ontario, the manufacturing base of Canada, it is 6.7% (while out in British Columbia, near to Seattle and the hub of Canada’s video game industry it is a mere 5.5%). What is illusory is gotten from the government report: many are ‘self-employed’ and perhaps without pay the report says and many 55+ are returning to highly coveted ‘full-time’ slots. A scant 17,000 new permanent jobs (staff with benefits) were added.

All this came out in the last week or so and if you Google it, the stories are fresh. The ‘adjectives’ media analysts use are dangerously misleading..’robust’ compared to our own inward looking ‘shit’. Canada is dangerously incompetent at home. The only bright spot is the government’s next investment in the Education infrastructure. Unfortunately, the deputy education minister also green lit a luxury condo project that offered poor residents of his constituency first dibs at the market price. A gigantic broken promise. I need to find an adult.