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I want to emphasize that I’m just ‘checking this out’. I’ve still got a few steps to go before I’m ready. I’m enrolled in an M.B.A. Program (at a university in Aberdeen Scotland where, coincidentally, Trump International just invested in a golf-course – it’s a ‘neat’ trivia) that’s starting in the new year; (I already have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics). My schedule keeps me active and social — I get involved with human-rights and community NGO’s (to list a few, Canada Tibet Committee (part of the global Tibet cause fighting for their human-rights), Volunteer Administrators (Managers) Of Scarborough, Telephone Distress Center Of Peel, and hopefully a film company that makes conscientious documentaries for PBS). I am seeking a full-time executive position at a major company that would have a household brand-name and I have relatives who are established in the New Jersey area, a Canadian-Vietnamese, who wants to further my career in the USA. I am a senior digital-marketing executive (which I would describe as traditional marketing using only web based media). I have one accomplished start-up that appears alongside bigger brands you might know, like Yelp, on the national government website and another I will be applying for government backing (such that I use my ‘active energy’ for my career). ‘Just ‘Google’ my name for those details (I do not mind that so much).

I started school in grade 1 in London, Ontario — my parents and I were among the last wave of ‘boat refugees’ from the Vietnam War; some of my family were already in North America by the ’60’s. My parents are retired (my mom is actively involved in causes and volunteers at the hospital); I have a sister who has a happy family of her own. We come from a big upper-middle to upper-class family (they’re nice yet a ‘serious’ bunch) and reunions are loving and exhausting. I own a single-bedroom (999 sq.ft.) condo in Toronto (where I am now) and will keep it, for convenience, when I settle-down in New Jersey. My private life revolves around building my own ‘upper-middle’ household. I won’t be ready (interested) until I’m actually in New Jersey with all of these things. I’m ‘just checking this out’ at the mo’, until I ‘land’ in New Jersey.

I like leisurely city pastimes (festivals, trendy fads, performing arts, sporting events) and work-out a little for those things (I used to ‘live’ at the gym but now I smoke cigarettes and ‘take it easy’ when not doing something career-wise). Thinking about my ‘expectations’, I think it is ‘situational’ so I’ve revised my expectations to be meaningful regardless of anyone’s ‘place and time’ (things we are because of ‘our place and time’) – such as a woman’s job and her friends and family . What I’m wishing for…is someone who is ‘attractive, stylish and can have kids’ – that I like her principles and the way she has maintained them in her life. I rebounded from a short marriage which was my first long-term relationship by ‘playing with cars’ that I’ve since ‘ditched’ (I owned two ‘sports’ cars that my mechanic called toys) – I’ve only had one other ‘fling’ otherwise I ‘just hung out with my peeps’. I like driving (more ‘touring’ than ‘racing’ very much).

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to POF members who have sent me ‘notes’. Your optimistic enthusiasm is infectious. Most of you just want to say Hi and I’ve said Hi back..I’m in this phase of focusing my attention on ‘searching for someone’ for long-long-long-forever marriage, but I like it all the same. 🙂 My intent on POF is in ‘search of my perfect match’ to start a ‘serious’ household and to be parents – I’ve dated, traveled and been on the volley-ball and track-team..I’m looking for someone who is going at the same ‘speed’ as me toward a happy life.