Safety Tips For Online Dating

Online dating tip: If you treat online dating like ‘old fashion’ dating…having a conversation while your family watches on by sharing your online conversations with your family…you will be much safer if something ‘strange’ happens. Too bad so often people will treat a community in cyber-space like a sealed can…my belief is that a ‘stalker’ in cyberspace has two feet in the ‘real world’ as well — and how you deal with such a problem is not a video game of guns and aggression but by notifying the police when your life turns upside down. (You ought to know, the police-station is my neighbor, two blocks away and that I keep a regular schedule around here).

  Our site If you want to contact me these are the rules:
1. I share our conversation with my family and you ought to as well (so it will be like having a conversation in front of our family).
2. Thinking about stalkers, hackers and weirdos, if something weird happens after we start talking, we both ought to notify family and police.
3. I want to keep all conversations on POF and not personal email so this service has a record of all we say.
4. You know my situation…so ‘anything more’ will have to wait!


Cover photo:  Thomas8047 “online dating” Zurich Switzerland