People Is Toronto’s Problem

‘Ignoramuses!’ the people of Toronto call each other. ‘Our politicians’ are blind to poverty ..they’re insensitive to First Nations and the new minority middle-class consumer! The proof is the way new development usually bulldoze over problems, leaving ‘people’ as the loose ends.

“We’ve all had leaders who are really taken with their image in the mirror, so impressed by the power and influence they seemingly wield. They’re the center of attention, and pleasing them becomes the focus of all our efforts.”

Except ..well, we get the politicians we voted for, don’t we. This growing city of the middle-class urban consumer wants to be able to create a city that reflects their comfortable life. A recent article in a community newspaper reports that, ‘a recent survey, preceding the completion of a new condo tower, on (old) Kingston Road ..conducted by the area’s BIA reveals that the residents blame the businesses themselves.’ The ‘mom and pop’ eatery, that sponsored that survey, is the problem! Who are these ‘assholes’ without a clue??? They’re ‘goddam’ assholes, and I’ll be ‘damned’ for staying mum like a donkey.

I’m sick of billion-dollar deals (Google, AOL, gas pipelines and who got on the board of Century 21 Foundation or if a ‘shit know it all’ hipster rag is trying to reinvent the Social Elite). I can feed myself for $100 a month which leaves me comfortably affording multi-vitamins. I own my own house and my mortgage is less than most of ‘their’ rent. I’m still a ‘social elite’ even if I don’t give a ‘fuck’ if Megyn Kelly is wrong about Santa Claus though I hear her ‘sexual assault’ outcry. I’m a card-carrying member of a Canadian political party and I donate to the cause. I open my wallet at those ‘mom and pop’ places that were there before me, and perhaps I’ve met their kids who run other locations. Don’t come to this town, with your fake ‘finance’ because you never even lined up at the bank teller window (your colour choice for ‘that’ logo got rejected, and their HR hangs a Nobel Prize in the office). You’re an ‘abortion!’ – ‘that’s the billion dollar deal’.

There’s no star system in Toronto because there’s no noble obligation here either. Who’s got a face with a mouth? I really ‘don’t fucking mind because they’re confused about ‘luxury’. I want to be ‘luxurious’ not an abortion! You found it yet ‘chicken shit’. This is like a NYC bus billboard ‘lotus eater’. So ‘fuck you’ before I make you a shitload of money! I’m like the NBA and you’re that old-school street nigger who thinks his brother in Harvard is a sell-out! Don’t ‘fuck’ with the new Black, nigger! Vogue knows, she’s walking to work now!

‘Thank Goodness for social media!’