(Originally published for LinkedIn by me)

1. Words without reward are cheap. Smart with money is being smart with rewards.

2. Some people use their money to make others richer when they ought to use their money to make themselves richer.

3. Don’t confuse finance with transactions. An hour in school is worth a day (that’s finance).

4. Turning a dollar into a profit involves adding something people can not do on their own.

5. In retirement people remember your last job.

6. In order to make money everyone sees the world as a ‘sports field’ not as a wilderness.

7. In a wilderness it is not about money.

8. ‘Marry right’ means you have found the type you want.

9. Some people do not want to retire as a ‘job’ but as a ‘protagonist’.

10. Being neutral is being disinterested.

11. Humor makes the offense funny (humor that only offends is showing off).

12. When power does not touch your life you have no power.

13. When wealth does not touch your life you have no wealth.

14. Employment that does not result in personal rewards is aimless.

15. Immigration shows us that ‘a-life’ is inalienable but not innate.

16. The richer a country gets, different classes feel ‘a-life’ is innate and alienable.

17. School-work is hard for all, after which some choose for ‘escape’.

18. Life-style are pursuits that create a reputation.

19. A group supports your reputation.

20. How all groups see your group is your group’s reputation.