My Soulmate ‘Matching Secret’

UPDATE: I am adding this update after several days of searching on POF.COM, with some ‘false positives’, I think I found some rule-of-thumb that ‘really works well.

1. Think of the parent’s age, in relation to yours and how old you can ‘accept’, assuming that they had ‘the person’ at 30. For example, feeling comfortable with ‘parents’ who are 60 to 65, assuming they had their daughter at 30, she would be 30 to 35.
2. The second important factor is ‘profession’ and there are not that many. I find it interesting that there is ‘blue collar’ which may be very important to some people. The list is not long and is worth filling out.
3. The third important factor is ‘religion (and no-religion). There are ‘alternative religions’ that you need to ask yourself if you would accept.
4. The fourth important factor is ‘intent’ (friendship, dating, long-term and marriage). That’s very important.
5. The fifth important factor is ‘education’ and start at the first level when you left school (graduate degrees are considered optional life choices).
6. Lastly, select other factors to tweak your results.
7. Choose ‘girls’ (in my case) that you would actually approach in real-life in a ‘pick-up setting’ (unfortunately if you can approach anyone, this works against you).

To dispel rumors of my private life, I put myself up on POF.COM – Anh-Tu Phuc Hoang. I have deciphered the ‘advice’ given to me by fellow men. Advice like ‘go for your porn star type’ and ‘blondes have more energy’ and ‘watch out for ‘whores”. Here is my soulmate ‘match secret’ transformed into language you can ‘wear in good company’.

Start with the face. This is what guys mean when they say ‘porn star type’ is all in the face. Mass media has got us ‘loving’ every face so long as it is beautiful. That’s ‘model scouting’ not long-term relationship. You want a face that turns you on and that is why guys say choose the face that turns you on in a ‘erotic’ context given the plethora of ‘adult performers’. You ought to know that ‘adult performers’ come in all shapes and sizes, so choose your private preference. How to do this is to look at the jaw and cheek-bone and those two features ought to mirror yours (this isn’t choosing the best ‘model’ for other people’s admiration, it’s about your long-term satisfaction), and that is why sometimes the best looking person you ever went out with isn’t the right one. The jaw ought to be the same angle, from chin to back. And the cheek-bones ought to be what yours are (high, mid or low).

Getting to the body. If the guy honestly knows ‘how to have sex’ like an actual professional sex worker, than he can handle a different body type. Otherwise, if you two are just a normal couple in bed, than go with a body type that is similar to yours. For example, if the woman is big & tall and the guy shorter, he needs to know sex techniques and position, otherwise just stick with someone where everything lines up.

Finally, don’t approach potential mates with a view to lifestyle ‘aspirations’. For example, if you she plays league-volley twice a week and you have no intention of joining her..forget it. Also, if she loves boats or horses and you honestly don’t..forget it. So if she says she’s a ‘Fashionista’ and your idea of that is ‘The Gap’ forget it because you think fashion clothes is a ‘gyp’ or ‘paying stable bills’ is a waste of money. Before I part, when you look at their pictures, if it triggers a ‘negative’ to ‘semi-negative’ response, don’t get ‘ambitious’ like how you are in your profile description. Don’t get ambitious with people as if they need training (that’s a really bad sickly sign). Find something that ‘absolutely’ makes sense but also ultimately, makes you feel really safe. You don’t want to go on an ‘adventure’ with someone you are ‘suspicious around’.

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