How Would An Efficiency Expert Tackle ‘Optimism’?

In her book, (Dr. Gabriele Oettigen, a New York University psychology professor) argues that while optimism alone isn’t enough, positive thinking coupled with an understanding of the obstacles that stand in our way is the key to achieving significant behavior change. She writes that the idea that in order to successfully achieve our goals, we need to add a dash of realism to our positivity.

An efficiency expert might tackle personal psychology as a plan and optimism would be the result of a plan that is ‘coming together’ until the goal is achieved. To create the particular environment to help keep optimism up, the expert might recommend these key pieces, that include someone you trust. Why optimism falters is because we fail to include one meaningful stakeholder (a friend might be too forgiving but a family member is more objective and vested).

Tell a meaningful family member that you are embarking on a personal goal. Create your plan of attack. Have ways to signify your progress and report in to your stakeholder. How much longer it will take and how far you have gotten and where you are on your way to meeting your goal. A vested stakeholder’s happy response feeds into your optimism as much as remembering and recording your journey.