God, Plato and The Golden Bull

Among religious folks and atheists, there is a third. In Hindu, the cow is a sacred beast but this third is better characterized as a Golden Bull. It reminds me of the statue in the Hollywood movie The Ten Commandments. A beast of burden, including mankind, that has been set aside and ‘over-cherished’. My argument based on this epiphany is that terrorism has ‘deeper pockets’ than we might know; it is a ‘chaos’ movement, not seeking order like God or Plato, because the wealth of individuals in this movement is greater than their knowledge.

Individual wealth can be greater than the individual’s appreciation of the ‘group’…such that their will-to-power eclipses their wisdom. They believe they know more than any expertise out of the group based merely on the individual per capita wealth; the President Of The USA earns a salary of $100,000. Based solely on wealth, a Pizza Hut owner has more knowledge than him, who might make $110,000 and even an Assistant Vice-President at a bank. This third is waging a war with opponents he and she sees in terms of ‘wealth’ not knowledge. The nature of the third, to measure the world only in terms of ‘wealth by individual’, not as a whole nor as a sustainability concept begets different forms of governing.

Citing numbers from a survey, in one province of Pakistan (or India)…men outnumber women in literacy rates 80 to 1, and in parts of the Middle-East, not for want but perhaps for nomadic life and tribalism, as seen from space the region is dark at night (no electricity). That is to say, it does not require much wealth to over-take ignorance to create the attitude of a Golden Bull. Such that in those parts of the world, the form of governing, which seems ‘severe’ to us, is about keeping a ‘lid’ on those who might become Golden Bulls, because their ‘wealth’, through mercantile-trade and what have you, can easily over-take the knowledge they see around them. And not only in the Middle-East but in Asia likewise, where the imbalance of ‘wealth’ is more apparent between rural and industrial families, there is a cap to stymie the ‘third’ belief that you are smarter than the entire ‘country’.

I call it a ‘chaos movement’ because their wealth is greater than their appreciation of ‘economics’, ecology and eco-system. From where it comes from might be a few degrees removed from their immediacy yet repercussions might be system’s wide. Not knowing much more, by way of information and organizing theory be it God, Plato or economics, their source of wealth would be ‘independent’ of the whole. I suspect they would actually be removed from the actual production of this wealth, like a ‘Golden Bull’ – when other bulls toil and labor and in doing so earn an appreciation of ‘playing by the rules’, as not to thoughtlessly hurt anyone (not that no one might get hurt, as imperfect as we are). This ‘third’ is also removed from the discussion between God and Plato regarding organizing principles.

Kid you not, it is a ‘lonely’ and disconnected way to live…like ‘always sitting at the ‘kid’s table’ and not taking part in the ‘adult conversations.’ The only way to gain ‘respectability’ is through aggression and force — to show those who ‘debate about the system’ that it is all irrelevant.

Thanks for reading. That’s The Culture Proof, my blog.