“Chasing Free-Times Girls And Other Business Tales”. (A Rumor Mill)

This article of mine, wants to discuss ‘bad luck’ in business. There have been a few who are so bad, it isn’t about not giving up but to being ‘happy’ for a short-time without authentic success. There is an NYC dating story, about a upwardly mobile single-girl who went on a date with a doctor but she was too sleepy so didn’t notice that this doctor ‘was into her’. Or the story of the nervous webmaster who defended his client, who were five young men writing inflammatory rhetoric under Islam, that they weren’t terrorists.

When other things are ‘equal’, as they often say for a hypothesis, you go from ‘bad luck’ to ‘good luck’ in business (career or entrepreneurial pursuits) by learning ‘what is expected of you’ (these they call ‘the ropes’, as in the rules for that type of business). Expectations presumes dealing with other people so that business is ‘really’ about dealing with other people who work in a sector of the economy. Happy customers results in ‘good luck’ the better you learn their ‘expectations’. Knowing people but failing their business expectations results in ‘bad luck’, but knowing people and ‘acing’ those expectations results in ‘good luck’.

Why do some entrepreneurs have ‘bad luck’. Often what we know are the early ‘bad luck’ of highly successful people. It is usually prefaced with some encouragement at not giving up. Sometimes there are stories of ‘big flame outs’, where giant corporations lose badly because of the decisions made by their executives. At the core of these crashes is an inability to do as expected (insider trading, bad design and an obsolete product). What about among us entrepreneurs?

Here are a few examples of these ‘unlucky’ entrepreneurs. Their bad luck landed them in a shambles. Rumor in the NYC ‘social circuit’ is that Michael Olig, dubbed the ‘Party Monster’, with a Hollywood film and book about how he ‘crashed and burned’ along with the 80’s nightlife scene of NYC…might make amends with a radio talk-show. He was imprisoned for killing his ‘boyfriend’ in a drugged-rage. Now released, by the parole board, he is trying to make a living, except his ‘party image’ haunts him and he can’t get away fast enough from that ‘party atmosphere’ upon which rests his entire notoriety and possible future career.

Another ‘unlucky’ entrepreneur Rick Salomon, a professional poker player was publicly skewered for a sordid home-video scandal with an under-age Paris Hilton. And though the stink landed on none of the parties, they chose to profit from it, when others might have squelched it altogether. So now both celebrities are more ‘Adult’ than teenie-popper (inconsequential for a professional gambler but not the best thing if you aren’t a Las Vegas player).

Ought we all be fooled similarly in another way by a ‘professional Royal guest’ (someone pretending to be a Royal). One such pretender down in Houston came with an entourage of Vietnamese diners and a ‘blonde’ escort. The rumor is that he and his team of professional publicists and event planners ( in a nutshell called ‘party promoters’) ‘worked’ a special event to get money for his non-existent Royal business venture. It turned out he had been a Vietnamese orphan and such pretending landed him in jail.

Sillerman, another professional promoter (‘publicists’) has had a string of ‘bad luck’ due to a series of ‘gawdawful’ products. His last failure and bankruptcy, was the online dating service for extra-marital affairs – he got that business a lot of exposure but when it went bankrupt, the public found out it had a mere 10,000 members, and not the seven-figures given to the media. Sillerman, the publicist, has his loyal admirers. Why ought you be curious? ‘Exposure’ is difficult to get not because its been verified as ‘good’, such as ‘exposure’ for a ‘bad movie’ that ends up not performing well..and Sillerman is keen at making something ‘exposure worthy’, like a ‘big-budget bad movie’ in the case of his ‘dating website for extra-marital affairs’. Sillerman, the promoter (publicist), needs a ‘good’ product. One rumor has him putting together a band-tour, known for ‘favorite local bands’ that you might only see in their home-town (,some of whom might have appeared on my social media). Touring them as a ‘big bar show’ might be successful. Good luck to them if they do.