80/20 Trumps 1/2+7 (My Dating Equation)

I ran across this article this morning. That said that the trend on the internet shows men and women dating people half their age plus another 7 years. For me that is as low as 28. Except as a practical rule of thumb, because the fictional examples are taken from Mad Men, a fantastical lifestyle melodrama set in the advertising world. Even though the melodrama is good, the work world is as authentic as being an executive on The Young And The Restless.
You might know of my profile, since I’ve written about it, on POF (the online dating website). I am going to use the 80/20 rule (Pareto’s observation about the natural order put to statistics). I am 43 and that translates to 34 years old. From math to words, it translates to mean, the top 20% of my odds are from 34 years old and up to my age. If I want to improve my odds of a good relationship, I would even go 90/10. It narrows my ‘pool of fish’ to 10% but 90% odds of a match in that 10% sample.