Working Definition Of Millionaire

The definition of a millionaire is $1M or more. But what if you at 30, you own your home outright and can pursue other dreams? What if at 40, you also own your home outright and can pursue other dreams?

What kind of lifestyle definition is that? They call it the ‘Bliss’ lifestyle — not necessarily your own boss, but much more prized. What if instead of picking real estate to flip or stocks to flip, you pick them to save. Lets say, you make a decent $45K a year and instead of saving 15% a year in a savings account at 1% interest, you could pick stocks that grew at 15% a year?

And the house you own, has increased in value but you can’t pocket unless you leave. What if your middle-class income, was the source of revenue for your investments? And though you don’t profit from your middle class salary, you’re profiting in the way you are saving your money.

What kind of higher education degree is ‘guaranteed’ money? A law degree, a medical degree and an M.B.A. What about a Master Of Fine Art degree? Obviously you would not choose nor qualify out of thin air.

What if you own your home outright at 40, and are pursuing an M.B.A. and you manage your own stock picks for your life-savings. Though you don’t have that cool million. What is that? It’s the new definition of a working middle-class professional — that condition of ‘Bliss’. Being a millionaire is not as cool as it used to be.

Many people prefer to make independent wealth and retire with a ‘good’ amount like $800,000 in cash plus a house. While using what they got to create a totally new business. Because …get this …even with $800K and a house, you still get your government pension and maybe even a company pension. Finally …get this …that’s not including a wife’s income and grown kids who are supporting themselves, and perhaps you, by then.