The ‘Real’ Network Effect: From Small To Big

What is the secret to the ‘real’ network effect? Is it events, advertising or P.R.? These specialists would say NO!

There is a secret, but before I tell you, I want you to consider this example. In a large corporation, that employs 1,000, each person has their own social circle and seldom do they overlap, meaning seldom do co-workers become ‘personal’ friends after the employment is over. I would say about 10%. Otherwise, the corporation employs ‘agents’ of 1,000 social networks. ‘How about those apples, right?’

And every loyal employee is dedicated to this ‘system’ of how the corporation operates. Promoting and convincing their own social networks that its a ‘good thing’. Pretty powerful stuff.

In that equation is the secret of the ‘real’ network effect and it is that the corporation has a ‘system’ that 1,000 social networks think is a good thing. So that is the secret of the network effect — having a system that others think is a good thing.

Have you heard of the social media milestone called ‘Dell Hell’? Here is the secret behind ‘Dell Hell’. The man who wrote that ‘complaint’ was not you or me — he is the founder of Entertainment Weekly and a long-time journalist. And what he wrote about his ‘faulty Dell service and computer’ everyone agreed but no one could have said it better. One person wrote, and I paraphrase, ‘I want to say what he said’.

The secret of the ‘real’ network effect is not child’s play after all, right? It is also the secret of franchising. In 1952, two brothers, Maurice and Richard both in their late 40’s had a ‘system’ that started McDonald’s — it was a way to make the ‘Big Mac’ even by part-time students, a million times without a difference. Famous chefs have to hire semi-famous chefs to run their other locations but McDonald’s can hire students!

Anybody got a system like that?

(Enjoy knowing someone famous)