The Joy Of Sleep Without Guilt

I discovered the joy of sleep this weekend. Because we humans have so many things ‘more valuable and productive’ than sleep, we forgotten that ‘sleep’ is the most popular pastime for animals who don’t go to gyms, malls or drink and eat as pastimes. Sleeping as a pastime is a wonderful alternative as it can clear your head but also reduces the tension in your body if ‘sleep’ properly – which makes it a good pastime. To sleep as a recreational activity, especially if there isn’t anything left that needs or wants doing.

“Using two pillows will break your neck” – have you ever heard of that tip? You ought only use one pillow person. “Your head and neck should be lined up with the rest of your spine. This is quite difficult to achieve if you’re using multiple pillows. So sleep with just one pillow beneath your head.” Having even two pillows when sleeping alone with ‘break your neck’. Using just one pillow, bunch it up, roll it over or flatten it out, until you find your comfort zone.

If you have a big mattress, and for whatever reason, are now sleeping alone in it, sleep to one side. When staying at hotels, we sleep best more often to one side of the bed, close to the side table and the clock. Do likewise at home. You can also have soft and repetitive music, like classic without lyrics that demand your attention. Just as importantly, set your temperature to a comfortable setting. Because it is now winter, close your vents (which are really ‘window-like’, leaving the air to leave only through exhausts which are always open) and turn on your heat (ideally with a timer setting).

Sleeping as a pastime is a chosen activity over ‘time fillers’ on a slow day. I don’t have any guilt about that. And having done it this Sunday, I was still able to sleep a full night ..because finding the proper posture puts you to sleep comfortably. It is like perfecting the right technique and the right posture makes drifting off effortless. Men’s Health has different postures, for how people sleep, and the best one in any case depends on conditions, like your mattress and your pillow ‘newness’ and so on. The whole thing has to do with using your arms and legs to balance your posture on your mattress and pillow.