The Case For Sex Ed

Everyone ought to take Sex Ed because there is a ‘shit storm’ in the working world. Many men have no idea that their sexual violation of a woman’s work-time is egregious and women have been accepting vulgar and offensive behavior as tolerable. Cracks in North American institutions are revealing sexual assault in high numbers initiated by men but normalized by women.

“one current female member (of the Calgary Police Force) who said seven officers texted her photos of their genitals after working shifts together..Police Chief Roger Chaffin said addressing the state of workplace culture and gender equity issues is a priority but will take time.”

“a new survey of more than 1,000 female workers in the humanitarian sector..Forty-eight percent of those who responded to the survey reported unwanted touching by a male colleague, and nearly 20% reported physical aggression directed towards them. Of those who said they had suffered harassment and abuse, a third said it came from a male superior.”

“She first felt uncomfortable when he told her “you look really hot in that top..His comments about her looks made her reach for her suit jacket. She told him his comment made her “very uncomfortable” and then tried to avoid him in the office..He sent her a Facebook message a few days later..“Yes, you are a beautiful woman,” her wrote. “Yes, you are my co-worker. Yes, every man who asks you to lunch has a hidden agenda..She wasn’t the only employee to complain about the same male colleague to her bosses at the Office of the Comptroller.”

Two former sex-workers says decriminalization and increasing inspection of brothels is false-security. Many women end up doing sex work for ‘legacy trauma [a sort of narrow mindedness in upbringing], mental illness, institutional lack of education and learned helplessness [which is like Stockholm syndrome response to abuse]’

“Ms Tankard Reist said the need for targeted exit strategies to help former workers overcome the financial, emotional and psychological repercussions was vital, with a large number of women suffering health issues including symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).”

While in Ireland, “A charity has produced “know your rights” cards for indoor sex workers in case they get targeted by the police.” The two former sex workers says decriminalization of sex work is in favor of their pimps who dominate the women in their employ.

Ontario’s new Sex Ed curriculum covers ‘sexting’ that happened in the Calgary Police Department report. It also covers ‘gender identity’ that talks about equals rights, not just ‘that’ LGBT niche. In developing nations, the urgency to address equal gender rights is more acceptable. “Regarding the controversial Law on Equal Rights and Equal Opportunity, the Committee asked how the law had been useful in combating gender inequality given the State’s purposeful removal of the word “gender” in all legal documents and the State-supported anti-gender propaganda following its adoption.”

U.S. Parks Department “uncover more cases of sexual harassment in its workforce of 22,000 employees following a scandal involving demands for sex by male workers from their female colleagues, the service’s outgoing director said in an interview Tuesday.”

The explicit, though class-room oriented, Sex Ed curriculum covers an individual sexual behavior including masturbation and also contexts where sexually laced interaction is inappropriate.

News anchor Megyn Kelly, believes sexual harassment allegations against Roger Ailes are true because ‘(t)hat’s because she said Ailes also demonstrated similarly inappropriate behavior toward her, trying to kiss her three times during a meeting when she first started with the network.’ There is certainly an urgency for ‘safe space’ and it is to the Millennial generation’s credit that they ‘need their safe spaces everywhere they go’. It is commendable because Megyn Kelly believes the ‘personal violation’ in the work place raised by others is true. Is she giving a heads up about office culture when she says ‘I worry about the Millennial generation that can’t have any upset in their lives..We had to have bad things happen to us and did, and we had to function in the face of that adversity.’