Self-Starter: Outside The Grown-Up System.

We are part of a greater system; who we are and what we do has meaning only because we are part of this system. When you are ‘outside’ our grown-up system, a route with fewer people, and one usually that is stigmatized, like ‘for poor-people only’ or ‘for handicapped people only’ – ‘really’ for lesser people only. you come across a lot of ‘fuddy-duddies’. It doesn’t take much to be ‘outside’. You missed that ‘train’ like starting a family because of a long-term break-up , you’re starting a new company so you missed those holiday vacations when ‘flights are on sale’, you have to work year ’round at Starbucks to afford tuition – so you missed the prom. Suddenly you’re outside the system, meaning you have to take a less ‘popular’ route.

Fuddy-duddies are the same today as they were prior to each time the system has been contemporized (suffrage, abolishing slavery, organized religion, feudal rivalries, cave-men). A misguided ‘fuddy-duddy’ tinker with the system to benefit only a closed group with a small membership – they treat the system with disdain, ultimately in point of fact, they ‘really’ want to abolish the entire system altogether yet they can’t do without ‘critics’. They love to be ‘fuddy-duddies’.

Fuddy-duddies prefer people to stay the same because they personally suffer their growing-pains. How strange it is for fuddy-duddies to suffer excessively more than the ones who put in the effort, yet they usually do. They’re bad at the defensive position – they will build rigid walls until their offensive players become wimps. A pushy sale-person is a ‘wimp’ because they’ve become desperate. Fuddy-duddies are pushy and desperate because their approach to defense has wimpified their offense. The modern economy makes use of tariffs and unfree-trade to underline politics and national ideology like supporting ‘decent wages’. China’s labor wage is now not so low that it greatly erodes our Western ideology and since their wages have moved up the barriers to our market (our tariffs on their goods) is lower today.

Ideally, the biggest markets are aligned behind ideology. Democratic countries, communist countries, socialist countries have the lowest barriers of trade among themselves. Except for kinks like Canada is socialist and once a ‘vassal’ of the British Empire, yet it supplies the American Dream. Here’s three different ideologies there (socialism, parliamentary monarchy, capitalism). It’s a ‘White’ country following the model of ‘Non White’ countries, that supplies ‘John Wayne’ but never date ‘Mary Pickford’. I see these things when taking the less crowded route.

For a self-starter, fuddy-duddies aren’t like the middle-class who follow a popular path from cradle to grave. Instead fuddy-duddies erect walls to create exclusive clubs that tinker with the system only to reap benefits for the group – usually destabilizing the system rather than stabilizing it. These sorts of ‘clubs’ are pushing their membership dues desperately ought you find yourself without any access to opportunities. The middle-class, also known as the mass market, play offense and defense to maintain their point-spread (their home, their savings, the value of their education, the mass market, their leading edge); the reverse is true of ‘fuddy-duddy’ businesses that degrade and depreciate in skill.

The ‘grown up system’ is the most populated middle-class path; though all ways ought to serve to bolster the ‘American Dream’ in America. As for Canada, what was a ‘mosaic of multi-culture’ is a jumbo of ideology and walled keeps – each club exhausting the Canadian legacy from long ago, to serve a jumbo of customers – it is hard to know what a Canadian is really thinking at the moment. The only thing clear is that Canada can’t ‘really’ handle it; if we legalized gay-marriages in recognition of the gay-vote, I fear we legalized abortion for the promiscuous, abuser and sex-worker vote and pot-smoking for the ‘spoilt brat’ vote. Those who have a problem with gayness equate it to pot-smoking and abortions. It’s a great place to be ‘a certain kind of ‘safe’ good’. You don’t need walls when you keep your wallet shut!