Po’ Boi David Gandy’s A Computing And Marketing Grad

David Gandy, who has a steady contract as the ‘man’ for D&G fragrance Light Blue, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in ‘Marketing & Multi-media Computing’. He (and Fabio) are popularly known for making ‘muscle’ fashionable ..his early photos show a slimmer look. Clips from his very first public appearance on ‘reality TV’ has him looking closer to a plain ‘cute guy..expecting to work in his area of study’. You might even have one in your family.

David Gandy’s looks alone isn’t the secret of his success. He has differentiated himself through choices that probably is grounded in his ‘Marketing’ degree major. His first independent effort was to be recognized for his personal sense of taste (‘best dressed and best personal style’ not fashioned together by labels). He became an example of ‘good taste’ for those who peruse style news ( ..’we want to fall behind this person that mass media covered’.) He cemented that recognition with paying-jobs writing for Vogue about ‘life and style maintenance’ – the sort of tips sought by city-men who are dealing with evolving polities and social attitudes.

He would later be found in GQ, writing about cars. His experience with cars came from a part-time job during his school-years as a car-jockey (..a driver who delivered expensive cars to their owners). He boosted his credibility by earning a car-racing license and taking up racing as a full-time hobby. All the while, modelling assignments is still his main-line source of income.

He’s an ‘ambassador’ of the fashion industry, representing the modelling function, as others might talk about photography, designing and manufacturing-distribution. The issues related to modelling are body image and mass media promotion of beauty standards and he’s participated in discussing them. This lead to David Gandy’s involvement with fitness related side-businesses, such as exercise videos, mobile work-out apps and a training protein supplement. Earning him enough business credibility to appear as a judge on a reality-TV-business show called ‘Pitch To The Rich’ fronted by Sir Richard Branson. To give him career management advice he’s with a global ad-agency (M&C Saatchi Merlin) steeped in media-buying expertise (they know deeply about the magazines, radio and TV shows we consume). So you probably won’t see him everywhere, and only if you’re of a ‘type’ yourself.

Did you hear Ellen DeGeneres, Tom Hanks and Michael Jordan got the US Presidential Medal of Freedom? Well, it’s for being a super volunteer who have directly raised an inordinate amount of money for charity. David Gandy, the Brit, is starting on that way as well having started a non-profit foundation, an organization seeded with his money, to raise funds to alleviate famine (in Ethiopia) through Comic Relief.

Sources of research are Wikipedia and M&C Saatchi Merlin