On the PGA TOUR corporate homepage this is how they communicate their ‘charitable’ mission. “Giving back to our communities has always been at the heart of the PGA TOUR and the TPC Network– coming to life through our charitable mission of “Together, Anything’s Possible.”

When ESPN wrote a report accusing them of not contributing to charity it came as a surprise to many. And the subsequent response is that we are not a ‘charitable’ corporation. Surely they are not a charity but their ‘dedication’ to giving-back is in the long-grass. Golf fans came to the corporation’s defense.

It is not the corporation that gives back at all. As it admits, ‘Our players, employees, members and guests have all enthusiastically embraced our philanthropic commitment, extending our efforts to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to our country’s most deserving organizations.’ The corporation itself gives back nothing other than what the individuals give of their own. It can not rightly take credit for what people choose to do with their own hard-earned pay.

A bad corporation riding the coat tails of good people who play golf. Any charitable golf tournament can give you a tax receipt and it is golf as a game that raises money. And the PGA TOUR has merely been shrewd for coat tailing on this fact but bad for owning it.