Opportunity Or Advice

One of my favorite music-artists, Pit Bull’s popular hit goes like this..

“Ask for money
And get advice.
Ask for advice,
Get money twice.
I’m from the dirty
But that chico nice.
Y’all call it a moment.
I call it life.”

A lot of times ‘chumps’, which is gruff slang for ‘near sighted thinkers’ will trade-in something they do not know how to exploit, like an heirloom, for a materialistic object that ends up being fleeting like a trendy ‘toy’ that becomes obsolete. The truth is this; we are born to lose – Bruce Springsteen goes,

“H-Oh, Baby this town rips the bones from your back
It’s a death trap, it’s a suicide rap
We gotta get out while we’re young”

We feel like heroes when we win at something that is hard [like when the odds are stacked against us], and we don’t feel like heroes when we win at something that is easy [like when the odds are in our favor it seems like ‘child’s play’].

“The highway’s jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive
Everybody’s out on the run tonight
But there’s no place left to hide
Together Wendy we can live with the sadness
I’ll love you with all the madness in my soul”

From inside our mentality, we choose the ‘horse’ that is weaker never the ‘horse’ that is stronger. This is about us, not about betting on someone else. That ‘horse’ is our opportunity. From the outside, what others see does not matter to them so much as ‘signs of success’. Sometimes we choose our ‘weaker’ horse and spend more having to look successful. In truth, rich men choose their ‘stronger’ horse and spend just a fraction of their money to look just as successful. Getting back to the first point, we choose our ‘weaker’ horse because we are addicted to ‘drama’. Though ‘drama’ happens regardless, case in point is fabulous Lady Gaga who is an assault victim despite her talent (her ‘stronger’ horse).

Choosing your ‘stronger’ horse does not guard you against ‘drama’. Are you ‘really’ afraid of success, and the accompanying boredom? You may be assaulted whether you choose your ‘weaker’ horse instead of your ‘stronger’ one. If it never happens to you, this ‘assault’ then why not have chosen your ‘stronger’ horse? In doing so, society has got your back, like we support Lady Gaga’s story.

I live in Canada, and here we have a province where they speak French. It is a beautiful place and a lot of people would love to live there, except speaking French is not their ‘strong’ horse so that starting a business or making a life there would be double-hard. Perhaps there is a place like that where you are ..like a Hispanic, Black, Asian or Jewish place. Just double-hard, but it is nothing personal. Celine Dion sings both French and English songs ..Lady Gaga sings just English songs even in Japan – she’s not taking her ‘weak’ horse around the world but her ‘strong’ horse – what have you yourself just done? Perhaps made it double-hard, as others are zooming away.

Choosing your first ‘horse’ in life is finding the right work. Star Steve Harvey, former postman, boxer, UPS driver ought to know. He’s now a star doing none of that – too bad you think going into TV is the solution. Because you might be a champion boxer where Steve weren’t or a U.S. Post executive. Do you want to dress your ‘horse’ up or make it work for you? A lot of ‘stars’ in the past have flamed out after wearing a few pretty outfits – so it is not about dressing it up, its about work and the ‘horse’ that will go the longest inside you.

[You might be like Anna Nicole who choose someone with a ‘great horse’ but that is about marriage – Anna Nicole was successful in her way on her own. Can a lesser ‘horse’ catch her attention? No].

In business, that is the relationship between people based solely on money, the best investors are interested in ‘the return on their money’. It can happen when their prospect is a World Champ or a State Champ or a College Champ. Truth is, a prospect who goes from College to World Champ has many investors along the way. Each of whom have made back their money. Not many are interested in ‘owning’ a Champ, like Mark Cuban owns the Dallas Maverick. Not many are interested in owning the luxury resort hotel they go to on vacation, except for Donald Trump. Owning a condo is different from running the building. Owning and investing are two very different situations.

Many ‘stars’ who were on the verge of becoming World Champs ‘choked’. Are you the investor or did you just ‘choke’? When I talk about making money and investing, I think twice about whether I am the ‘champ’ or the investor. What is on the line here? Either way, I can not afford to lose, but losing as ‘champ’ is worse than losing ‘a bit of money’.