I Don’t Believe In Divorce Except I Fucked Up

I don’t believe in divorce, my parents aren’t and most of the parents in our family aren’t, except for my generation of single men without kids. Yet I still don’t believe in divorce, so what explains it? I would say we fucked up. Some people rather marry than break-up — it is easy to break up in middle-school when kids met up at the roller-rink to hold hands and kiss.

It is a lot harder to break up when you’re older, and I believe I ‘hung around’ a relationship because it was like an activity, like a form of ‘entertainment’ after work. So a relationship is not a form of entertainment like a satirical play — that two people can go see.

And I believe for a woman, she chooses a man for expediency to accomplish life goals, the way a man can ‘fuck up’ and pick a woman as a form of entertainment.

So there is something ‘other’ than a ‘hired hand’ or ‘entertainment’. And I believe the only way to get ‘at it’ is ‘old fashion’ — the way we don’t need to be a chemist to cook at home, though professional chefs understand it that well. And coupling isn’t about being a ‘professional’, just a good home cook.

“What” I am today, as in the skills and work experience and values, and grooming — is about turning a particular type of woman on. These things don’t add up to a ‘Big Mac’ — its my own home-cooking, and I’m going to stick to that. It’s actually pretty ‘well to do’ but an acquired taste, in the same way that friends are an acquired taste, and their wives are an acquired taste to them.

What I observe is the “Big Mac” effect of improving your odds, which leads to being Pepsi if you’re not Coke, or Avis if you’re not Enterprise or Visa if you’re not MasterCard.

Where I fucked up is not being my best. So I’m hustling now. And it feels like I’m the only one left on the track, while the rest of the world’s been let off. But doing it right means I have to finish my laps and in the end I believe God keeps His promises. So I can’t tell you what its all about if you don’t like it. I believe where I end up is because she will be there. I’ll tell you a funny little tip for this career driven world: both sides of a coin is the same denomination but its the currency you want to use for the rest of your life.