How do you solve a problem like Gretta

“Let’s start a conversation about just and compassionate living. I believe people can support each other with love and wisdom in a church with or without the god called God.” — Gretta Vosper

But is the United Church of Canada the place for ‘all’. What is membership, that it can be exclusionary but also redeeming and conciliatory. Groups that require membership, also help create bridges inside members with other groups where none existed before.

A group without walls is like a nation without any immigration laws. Many things take the place of God, for atheists, and its not even deep thinking. Sounds to me like Gretta is facing a Church that might be racist and narrow minded to her..because she has sided with atheists.

If you believe in God, the very fact that you are alive so that thinking is possible is due to God. If you believe in God, then being alive to question His existence is an act of God.

If you do not believe in God, then there is all of science to give reason for clean-living, including ‘might does not make right in the animal kingdom, among men’.

What is Gretta’s problem? The Church she experiences is racist and narrow-minded. Well, that’s life and if you believe in God, you can also believe that education is valuable. God does not replace public education. Maybe Gretta got a bad batch.

Welcome to Toronto, Gretta, where you been. Ever wonder why you turn to salt if you look back? Some things you have to leave up to nature, because you will ‘just die trying’. Does Pastor Tom Tate need to be an Atheist to deal with brats? No.