Achieving Goals Is ‘Economic Theory’ Not ‘God’

A few posts earlier I reviewed a couple of great books and one was Hustle. Hustle is about achieving your goals in an uncertain climate. After a while, I was feeling conflicted though I knew, having finished parts of the book, that it was ‘good stuff’.

The review of Hustle on LinkedIn

What was happening to me that I realized is that being an entrepreneur and surviving in an uncertain climate is about ‘economic theory’ but it ‘sounds’ like ‘Golden Rules’. Take for example, the idea that our environment and climate is always changing and that new facts and rules come up all the time — and this has a way to carry us away on a Gulf Stream thinking that some rules no longer apply. But which rules are these but ‘economic rules’ though ‘Golden Rules’ always apply.

Such that no matter how much facts and rules change, the Golden idea of doing business honestly and expertly still applies. It’s also the assumption Hustle embraces but it is one that a new generation is never tested.

And why does this come up? Because “The secret to achieving your career goals and ensuring 2016 is your most successful year” still works so long as you are aware that committing to goals means facing a changing climate of obstacles that are not stationary like hurdles, like the price of oil and the consumer wallet.