A Tax Bastard & A Welfare-Nation

We are neither Charlie Hebdo nor ISIS but a third rooted outside the differences of two wrong camps; we are of the mind that is right.

Islam, like other mainstream religions that have been transplanted to the new world, is becoming a new-world Islam that does not blaspheme its seed. As there is new-world Buddhism and new-world Christianity, the new-world Islam is becoming a stronger branch of their world-wide religion. It grows from the light of new-world values and institutions but its quest for peace and wisdom are authentic to the original tree – a quest based not on slothfulness.

It is one of the universally agreed benefits of the new-world, with our relatively optimistic minds, that the rest of this planet can say Charlie Hebdo and ISIS are two groups that have lost their way, and perhaps they have lead themselves into a storm they will not survive, more alike the Donner party of American folklore, thinking they are perhaps Hannibal or Alexander of the old-world.

In Canada, likewise, the United Church of Canada, via their minister Gretta Vosper and her congregation, have embarked on a confused trip loaded up with old-world and new-world rhetoric and philosophy. Under Canada the nation, this experiment in lifestyle and belief is protected because it does not infringe the laws of the state; though it infringes the traditional laws of a Christian church. If they were Buddhists only in name but practicing Jehovah Witnesses it is the same attack on that area of human learning.

It has been established that if we practice these philosophies of Buddha, Jesus, Krishna or Mohammad,with recognition from official groups for our contributions, we receive benefits from the state – a tax credit that can be worth more than the amount we give.

If not from the original tree, the United Church of Canada’s quest for peace and wisdom is as significant as Scientology, yoga or meditation. Ought they get tax relief for merely seeking peace and wisdom? What happens if they behaved the opposite – outrageously and destructively. Then it would be extortion which is my interpretation of their obstinacy. They are fully-grown ‘brats’ extorting us in lieu of moronic behavior.

Perhaps it is a good thing that ‘your rats’, America, want to flee up to Canada after Hillary Clinton’s loss of the Democratic nomination – and a bad thing for us Canadians that they view us as a welfare-state. Let them be an Atheist church, minister Gretta Vosper and her followers, to seek on their own benefits earned by Theist churches and religious groups. Let them work for it to prove their authenticity in future years. I believe if they are true to their word, we would then benefit from their mission and rightly then would they be awarded the benefits of our nation, among devote Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and Hindus. Let them give and the benefit they receive will be greater than the cost.

This ought to be how the adult world works. I am arguing that it is well and good to organize a troupe of 30 or how many follow minister Gretta Vosper, but another thing to organize millions around the world. All that I observe is that minister Gretta Vosper has captured a lot of the spotlight for demonizing others who also talk of peace and wisdom. It is also a lesson for Canada, a country of 30 million, that we can not prosper with all our graces from Mother Nature. Our eyes have short memories and our conscience are ‘dead-beats’. The longevity of our administrative inefficiencies have crossed over into racism and tacit apartheid — American Express is our biggest trade partner, not the USA.