A Kink In The System (The Economy’s Rebound)

There is a kink in the system involving the rebounding economy. ‘Where are the jobs, right?’ Each time there is a ‘kink in the system’, benign things take on an ominous patina and our conspiratorial nature try to find ‘individuals’ rather than examine our systems. What I know is that ‘red tape’ is not personal, though it can be discriminatory against groups – which is not personal but systemic. Though we still look for individuals to vilify not system inadequacies; like a big wizard though to me everyone has a boss in North America.

The ‘kink’ I am talking about here is the rebounding economy. And how the economy never rebounds in the same spot. So the unemployment might now be low, since the last recession, but many who were laid off have not recovered because it has bounced back in a different sector, like ‘health care’ and ‘energy’ instead of I.T. and media.

There’s only so much you can do about it. The options truly are limited but at least possible. Let’s take my case, which is to ‘really’ migrate in order to stay in the same sector. The other case, which is to stay put, is to retrain. Either way, in order to catch the wave, you have to transverse the difference by geography or sector. If you keep your sector, you need to move. If you keep your geography you need to qualify for another sector.

There’s a catch for either way. To retrain you register yourself through the ‘social assistance’ program, but it is ‘retraining’ not welfare support. As if retraining were a stigma like ‘food stamps’. Whereas what I am doing seems wholly unnecessary and extravagant. But the burden on monthly budget and lifestyle is very similar.

After this point in the discussion, you have to figure out what is best for you.