Toronto (NYC Run By The Swiss) Love In The Big Apple

“They have liberated us,” says a guide, “from our stuffy Victorian primness and Methodist piety.” Peter Ustinov, the actor, once called Toronto “New York run by the Swiss.” (Source Article)

What does it mean ‘really’ but that both cities elevate ‘work culture’ where other cities, whoever they are, elevate other facets of lifestyle like ‘play’ or ‘academics’ and so one. So for these two cities, never sleeping is about work not entertaining one’s self, though there is plenty of it but ‘really’ its not about us …its about those famous people who create the opportunities to be entertained — and that is work.

And L.A. is perhaps similar. So where do we find ‘play’ but on the Facebook pages of family and friends. So ‘official’ play is “stuffy Victorian primness and Methodist piety”.

The marriage crunch, who is to know since this city has stopped revealing statistics on marriage licenses, is about getting beyond the ‘official’ play and onto someone’s Facebook. Yet how do people go about it but through ‘networking’ — which is a business ‘thing’.

And business ‘things’ will take us far from our home for work reasons — none of whom are particularly offensive, but are they ‘soul mates’? If you have not created this other type of ‘official play’ for ‘networking’ that expands your horizons, you will mix up the boundaries of relationships that are taught in the home.

Its something that is elevated in movies too — that your soul-mate is a total stranger, and a foreigner you hope to bring back, whose known you briefer than the cashier at the 7/11. In reality, if you meet a foreigner, you end up living there, not coming back.

Stationary life is a lot like travelling if you ‘network’. The only thing you miss out are the local sights of a different town. Otherwise, the ‘strangers’ you meet are the same. And if you meet someone ‘foreign’, like country-music to indie-hipster, can you leave the ‘scene’?

Samantha Jones, is really a romantic expressed as a sex-addict, where as the other girls went for what was in front of them, Samantha really ‘networked’. And those guys are fine as ‘customers’ for her PR business, but are they ‘soul mates’?

And the ‘Swiss’ part? Well, we think we can live with anything, but is that ‘soul mate’ material or is just business? NYC won’t live with anything …because it of its history of taking the poor and the displaced, ask a NYC Jew. But Toronto’s never been the front-door into this country …they settle here through Ottawa and landing in Montreal.

Boat refugees wash ashore off NY Harbor or Newfoundland, not Lake Ontario. You simply ‘gonna have to change your point of view’.

A Londoner wondered, and someone in Shanghai and Mumbai likewise, that where they live is so big you just marry a nice one. In London, where its all about the Premiere League, each section of town has its own football club. And you can commute on the same bus for ten years and not see the same person twice. And Mumbai has got 100M people, playing Hollywood’s game of ‘Serendipity’ is impossible. Its as if every section of Toronto had its own NBA team, and that every day the bus is full of totally new faces. Yet it is not, but that does not change the boundaries people have in their home. Love & marriage is not some kind of city-initiative like Gay Pride.

You just have to ‘get’ with the ‘real’.