Personality Tests ‘Debunked’

If your company have ever given you a ‘personality test’ you know what they look like. Popular tests measure things like your introversion and your extroversion and label you with a color or a string of letters. It is pop psychology ‘chicken soup’, because these profiles are like ‘selfies’ and your ‘style’ will evolve and mature. They describe qualities about you that are

  • skin deep
  • heavily dependent on your current situation (e.g. living at home, the unemployment in your town, the success of your current employer)
  • ask nothing regarding your actual goals

What these tests take for granted is the assumption that everyone starts from the same conditions; i.e. comfortable middle-class surroundings and that we all have the same goals, because these tests are conducted for the sake of the employer.

Personally, I feel that a person is more adaptive than these tests will convey. And much of that is dependent on where they came from and where they want to end up; their personal goals. And if your situation, from a lower middle-class family to becoming an upper-class professional changes, these skin-deep qualities also change because the ‘income’ affords you more options where you do not have to ‘make due’.

One way to break away from being defined by personality tests is to choose goals — and I use the word choose because you are making a commitment that keeps you on a certain path. You are no longer ‘free’ like a bum. Achieving goals, that you ‘brag’ or share with people, forces you to be adaptive.