Minister Turns Bad For Cheap Condo

I have discovered the hidden motivation behind the ‘Satanic’ minister in the United Church of Canada. She has renounced the existence of Jesus, the man, and God, the Christ, so that her non-committal congregation can buy into a new ‘Christian only community’ Condo tower in this area! Her ‘church franchise’ is here!

Church committee recommends defrocking popular minister at West Hill United Church in Scarborough

Looks like her ‘Satanic’ followers will be jobless and have to buy condos elsewhere, like ‘downtown’. It makes sense, because this ‘closed’ condo opportunity is priced less than the market. And as often mentioned in the mass media, many Torontonians are tacitly working-homeless because Toronto has the highest market prices in the world!

“To Celebrate it’s 60th anniversary, Global Kingdom Ministries (GKM) is sponsoring Trinity Ravine Towers, an innovative market-value Life Lease community where residents 55 and older can enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle as they age gracefully in faith-based surroundings.”

Now, a desperate buyer can denounce God or not even believe in Him, and get into a ‘closed’ condo for ‘Christians only’! It will be Hell Tower!

I would say, “This ain’t Rwanda! It ain’t Hell!”
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