How Canadian Is Elon Musk??

Is he pro-Abortion, pro-marijuana, anti-gun – is he a socialist who believes in big government? The surprising answer is that he is ‘military’, and he ought not be so ‘well exposed’ as to skew stock-market perception because of these connections. Here goes.

Elon Musk says, we are all living inside a ‘giant computer simulation’. — And he goes on to say Life has been programmed to a higher being such that we have only so many options available at any time, like a giant GTA. That freedom ultimately has boundaries and limits.

His two companies, Tesla and Solarcity are connected because his ‘family and friends’ sit on the board of both. It only has meaning to stock market investors, that both companies rest solely on the shoulders of one family. It depends how fervently you believe in the Musk ‘cult’.

The launchpad in Space X sits idle and its director of operations, hired from NASA, has left. Elon Musk has relied on government funding for his ‘green tech’ vision — he advocates solar power over wind power. And, with wide exposure, been able to get the government to fund his companies (that is to imply, fund solar power over wind power). There is not a ‘wind power’ mogul to match. Is one better than the other? I don’t know. But its about mass market perception that can skew impartial decision making.

Space X, is ‘more like’ the government off-loading space flight R&D on to the private sector — Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson are involved. Though not ready to take ‘mom and pop’ into orbit, it has made some technological break-throughs like a reusable booster rocket; the kind that is usually jettisoned and discarded in order to make the first leg into orbit.

From his private wealth, stemming from PayPal and perhaps Tesla, Solarcity and SpaceX, he is funding other ‘government-military-industrial-complex’ types of R&D such as AI.

HuffPo Canada calls Elon Musk the ‘real life’ Tony Stark, meaning he’s quasi-military.

He jokes like one, ‘his suggestion—perhaps in jest, it’s hard to tell with Musk—that nuking Mars is a way to terraform the red planet and make it fit for human life.’

As a stock-market investor, I feel like I know the real Elon Musk business vision, which is not a bad thing, but it is not a ‘tree hugger’ thing either …like Starbucks, nor even a media thing like Entertainment Weekly.