Honest Or Cheater?

How do you go about seeing if a potential partner is honest or a potential cheater? If you try to prove a negative, you will hit a dead-end because it is impossible to do that, and I think many people keep trying to do that.

We also attempt to group people, according to ‘life-style’ and its helpful. But this article is about ‘honest or cheating’. And life-style, can be dressed up. So ‘really’, it is also about this thing I would call ‘no-life style’.

And therefore, it is both life-style and ‘no life’ style. That is to mean, what you do publicly together and in private together. What brings the two aspects of your ‘life’ and your ‘no life’ together is something universal two people have in common.

People have said ‘goals’, as in you two have the same career goals or ‘home renovation’ goals. But what happens if you two have ‘different’ but equal goals? For that I say, you need the same ‘time’ (like that movie ‘Cairo Time’, about two deep-felt characters whose lives intersect but never line up).

You need the same ‘life style’ + ‘no life style’ + ‘timing’. And by this I mean, your time has also to coincide on a full-time permanent basis. It is not distance that drives people a part but disjointed timing. Most people will fret over ‘disjointed timing’ that they can not accomplish their own goals and that is a bad sign.

Good luck.