For Atheists & Believers: Laws Labour Relations

“When a collective agreement covering ambulance workers is being negotiated, the statute requires that the parties have an essential ambulance services agreement before ambulance workers in the bargaining unit can engage in a strike or be locked out.”

And I propose that elected officials be bonded to some sort of ‘essential service’ agreement too! Because ‘inexperience’ is not an excuse for ‘incompetence’ that can be argued as ‘corruption’! I have never heard a doctor retort ‘why don’t you do it then!’ But some times elected officials do use that retort, ‘why don’t you do it then!’ as if it is a ‘rich kids’ club instead of a professional position!

A Socratic Platonic politician is the ‘golden ideal’ of their voters, but the pool of candidates is not totally ‘the best and the brightest’ – many are doing other things in other fields. Ideally we elect the candidate closest to the ideal. That does not excuse the person in that elected position to fall back on the lack of talent who wants to be a government administrator!

I say, “I thought you love and appreciate doing it – not a ‘mcjob’!”