Canada’s 3-Year Degree Catches Up To Slackers

I am of the Slacker generation and in Canada, a couple of education experiments threw some of us like myself for a loop. We had grade 13, which was university prep and was abolished the following year. And the media also extolled the virtues of a 3-year university Bachelors …that now in hindsight doesn’t have that same cross-border mobility as a 4 year degree and is nothing like the 3-year degrees in Europe or Australia.

So ultimately many 3-year degree holding Canadians will have to make up for that last year. One option now available are ‘foundation years’ attached to graduate programs, that makes up for that fourth year with a focus on the graduate program. Graduate programs with a ‘foundation year’ ends with a graduate degree later on, so long as you achieve an acceptable average in the foundation courses. Good luck!