Can ‘Business’ Trust Toronto?

At the moment, I am in Toronto and what I sense to be foreboding about this city defies its reputation as another cold unfriendly big town. Because at the moment, the ‘ultimate sin’ for religious people is being enacted in Toronto. The establishment is ‘over throwing the Throne of Christ’. That is the ‘ultimate sin’ and if they can rationalize this act, they can rationale anything under God’s purview including the Ten Commandments.

Gretta Vosper Gretta Vosper

She is not having a crisis of conscience like Mother Theresa or else she would take a sabbatical and retreat to the seminary, or what it is the powerful United Church of Canada has to deal with spiritual crisises that is common with all religious people. So either figure it out in seminary or leave and be a secular professor. To stay is to over throw the Throne of Christ — and if you buy into her mental processes then Christians ethics has no meaning until experience directly — meaning you do not have to follow rules you do not understand.

What does Crony Capitalism have to do with all this? Here are two examples of not listening to Christ while practicing Crony Capitalism…

What a travesty Cronyism and anti-Christ behavior has lead, placing ‘incompetent’ powerful people at the helm of our future.

Why are they incompetent? Well… there was a recent cabinet shuffle in the provincial, a form of job training for elected politicians so that they get experience with different aspects of the government except for the Deputy Education Minister, Mr. Han Dong, a business man from China who is staying put in his seat at the provincial capital. How he got elected is a ‘very’ interesting journey. The broader details are that he cemented his reputation after emigrating from China in the same ‘Beaches neighborhood’ as that restaurateur and get support to run for office as a representative of a ‘poor’ area in Toronto that had always voted left of center (because they are poor).

After he got elected, that area saw an increase in luxury real estate. It sounds good at first glance but it is the same reality as teaching native students about Ukrainian starvation. It is an insult and incompetent. Because those luxury real estate is the result of a plan to provide more affordable housing for the poor!

At the same time, there is this!

Those athletic dormitories were suppose to be more affordable housing …that are now luxury beach front condominiums, for foreign buyers who now have less incentives to buy them.

And here is the Cronyism!

And this type of insouciant behavior is rippling throughout this entire town!

Toronto is breaking all types of protocols, that they call ‘taboos’ what we take as etiquette (or THE TEN COMMANDMENTS). It is insulting, for representatives at the city level to ink trade deals without national authority especially when we go to China and do that — there is a chain of command in that communist regime that interprets this as an affront!

I want to conclude this with two observations. In the last couple of years ‘everyone’ was buying marijuana so that everyone is in this scenerio trying to ‘arrest it’ like they are heroes. If you ask, no one is culpable. And secondly, IVF (assisted fertility) is now free. My own story is that ‘we’ paid for IVF before my divorce, so to me all of this insouciant behavior is a complete waste of time that is anti-family, anti-fair and anti-Christ!