Canada Is Not Doing Good

What is bubbling over is the underground economy. In recent news, unlicense Chinese nannies called doulas and rampant shoplifting of upscale groceries (like lobster) to fuel drug habits, and sold through organized criminal channels. Banks are reporting that lying on mortgage applications is now a problem. Juxtapose this to the current climate in the USA. Ford decides to build a plant on ‘home turf’ and Amazon plans to hire 100,000 to fill USA positions.

The current unemployment rate remains unchanged. As high as 12% in some provinces, and there are just 10 provinces in this country, and in ‘robust’ Ontario, the manufacturing base of Canada, it is 6.7% (while out in British Columbia, near to Seattle and the hub of Canada’s video game industry it is a mere 5.5%). What is illusory is gotten from the government report: many are ‘self-employed’ and perhaps without pay the report says and many 55+ are returning to highly coveted ‘full-time’ slots. A scant 17,000 new permanent jobs (staff with benefits) were added.

All this came out in the last week or so and if you Google it, the stories are fresh. The ‘adjectives’ media analysts use are dangerously misleading..’robust’ compared to our own inward looking ‘shit’. Canada is dangerously incompetent at home. The only bright spot is the government’s next investment in the Education infrastructure. Unfortunately, the deputy education minister also green lit a luxury condo project that offered poor residents of his constituency first dibs at the market price. A gigantic broken promise. I need to find an adult.

Follow Up To Boosting Your WIFI At No Cost

This is a follow up to an earlier post for ‘Boosting Your Wifi Signal At Home At No Cost’. This final tip is great for people living in apartment buildings where all the WIFI signals create interference. It has to do with setting a ‘channel’ in your router setting. A ‘channel’ is like a parking space and when everyone uses the same channel it is like one space for everyone’s car (sometimes car on top of car). And having it set to ‘auto’ has you bouncing to different spots.

Firstly, check out the illustration below. And it is best to set your WIFI to a channel with the lowest occupation rate. Which depends on your neighbors. If they are using Channel 1, then you will experience a traffic jam. In which case you would set a Channel like 6.

How to boost your Wi-Fi speed by choosing the right channel by Extreme Tech

Lets say you are sandwhiched between two neighbors who are both using Channel 1, if you choose Channel 6, all three of you are free from interference. If one is using 1 and the other is using 6 you might set your Channel to 11..and once more all three of you are free from interference.

Though it might appear that there are quite a number of WIFI signals in your vacinity, only the two closest to your own has the largest interference on your signal. So it is certainly a finite amount of ‘guessing’. This final tip stabilizes my WIFI signal tremendously and my neighbors ought to experience less congestion as well!

Yahoo’s 90% White/Asian Workforce Most Diverse In USA?


As of June 2016, women make up 37% of Yahoo’s global overall workforce. Whites and Asians make up 89% of the total U.S. workforce, while Blacks, Hispanics, Multi-racials, and Others (Native Americans, Alaskan Natives, Pacific Islanders) make up the remaining 11%.

We are proud to have been recognized in 2015-2016 for our strides in paving the way for gender equality (Watermark Index Award winner), for being a best place to work for LGBTQ employees (scoring 100% on Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index for the tenth year in a row), for being a best place to work for parents (named by Elle Magazine and, and by being named as an employer whose work significantly impacts communication access for people with hearing loss (receiving the National Access Award by the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)).

Why Yahoo Matters To The American Way Of Life


Yahoo is a ‘hell hound’ to the American way of life. For guys, it offers usually women with great jobs flashing a boob..and for women it offers fancy clothes on drunk chicks who don’t deserve it. It is media for people with little jobs and too much heat.” You read it and you get dumb. How can this be plausible?

Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, was put in place by the M&A Firm to cut up Yahoo. She ain’t your savior, she’s a butcher specialist too, from the beginning. She accomplishes her job with each sale off. She accomplishes her job for each sell off and she just needs to add some bells and whistles to her website, like a gambling license, including the type of things I first mentioned.

Those on the home front who can’t draw the connection between work that strengthens the middle class and work that weakens it. And they see no point in showcasing our society’s virtues as a deterrent to terrorism because ‘terrorists to them are defacto nincompoops.’ So that a segment of media is behaving as if, no matter our faults, we are a superior culture and society. And while the war is raging, they at home, feel like they have license to ‘fuck around’.

So they say…it’s media for dumb people as if that’s alright..because it ain’t. You’re wasting their time! (St. Joseph Communications can change its name to Altaba…it’s less sinful! Because I had a hell of a time telling this story! Had to practically spit at Mofu Pino’s feet!!!) They haven’t a care for other societies, ally or foe. Unfortunately, how the world works is, our own shit is usually more comforting than new food. And of those who make films to change the world…it’s the very limits of the universe, where only things like education and home life can pick up.

for being a best place to work for parents (named by Elle Magazine and, and by being named as an employer whose work significantly impacts communication access for people with hearing loss (receiving the National Access Award by the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)).

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