Home Internet For Singles, Seniors And Students


Single Use Internet Shopping. Did you know these two facts, 4Mbps is the slowest by law and 6Mbps is about what each person in the home needs. So that 50+Mbps is for medical imaging and military use. (source: Yahoo article). Hence a standard package of 24Mbps is for a family of four, on at once. … [Read more…]

Foreign Money Is Tourism Dollars.


Even if they invest in real-estate it’s still tourism dollars that adds less value to the economy than domestic household dollars per dollar put in, because a portion of that money goes to gas up their own military and elder care system. The greed for foreign retail investment is like the bubble around marriages. In … [Read more…]

PayPal and Uber Are Dinosaurs, Too Much Partying With Gossip Kids And Celebs.


Ford has developed a legal ride share app and a passenger van to go along with it. Both will be tested on the streets of London later this year. Here is the full story. On a different note, the people who report on the stock market have noticed a withdraw of sorts by PayPal Inc, … [Read more…]

The Online University That Gets You Hired At The U.S. Census Bureau


An online university has quietly come out as one of the top choices for distance education over the internet. Unlike the group of for-profit charter schools that bears the brunt of criticism for the U.S. President’s education reform, this school “Western Governors University (WGU) is a private, nonprofit, online American university based in Salt Lake … [Read more…]

The White Collar Fact That’s A Myth


White collar myth though still true: In 2012, office workers earned an average salary of $100,900, or 110% more than the $47,947 average salary for a non-office worker.   The report, from New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer, compares U.S. Census data for Manhattan from 1990 and 2012, which shows an increasingly polarized workforce. Wall … [Read more…]

Who’s Marrying Whom?


The Census report by the government of Canada, says that nowadays nearly 60% of university graduates are women and that 80% of apprenticeship certificate holders are men. Is it reasonable to guess that 40% of university graduates will marry one another, while the other 20% will most likely marry an apprenticeship certificate holder? Can we … [Read more…]

Gain A Loyal Audience For Social Media


I want to share with you my personal journey with (modesty) my social media success. I want this to be more of a conversation. I think you will receive a good sense of the strategy that’s gotten me the results I have, which are these. A Klout score of 52 and for ‘nothing’ as Jerry … [Read more…]