THE CULTURE PROOF “Spend Sweet Time, Upwardly Mobile.”

Taxis Can Beat Rideshare This Way

Rideshare cabs are to Taxis as mobile phones are to desktops. It is not an alternative like Mac vs PC. Most rideshare rides are around 1 mile, $7 for 2 people or $3 for 6 people. A cell phone and rideshare are weaker but more convenient than a desktop and taxi. A power taxi, that is greener and has winter tires can go further more comfortably. It also has more trunk space for powerful trips, like family outings and fancy nights. Taxis ought to go for the rider that needs clean power and higher status, like toting a laptop not a cell phone. Rideshare users aren’t the reason medallions became capital assets — the type of power rides that call you 24/7. Rather, these are people who can’t walk. It makes sense that conventioneers use rideshare as they are new in town, close to their hotels but don’t know the way well. A lot of the coverage with rideshare is heavy promotion for non walkers. My analysis, based on research by comScore is this, heavy desktop users at home will also take more power trips, though light internet users might be seen out and about more often. These types also use the internet for socializing, not consumption.

Uber’s Stock Valuation (found on a simple Google search) looks like an old digital advertising valuation for ad revenue…too linear without any operating scale. As if you can sell every unit linearly without regard for the demand side — its a cheap Statistica valuation

Don’t Buy Yahoo USA Shares For Alibaba Nor Yahoo Japan.

Alibaba stock is worth $143.01 to Yahoo’s $54. But profits and revenue in China aren’t moved to the USA. So the junior trader will think they got an ‘in’ on Alibaba by buying it cheaper as Yahoo. But I repeat, Alibaba revenue stays in China. Yahoo USA has a 15% share in Alibaba, and 15% profit, not 15% revenue, that is needed to operate Alibaba. Yahoo USA the corporation will receive 15% of Alibaba profits, that it can add to its bottom line. It uses that 15% profit to pay off its own expenses. Even with that contribution from Alibaba profits Yahoo USA is losing money. Its the same arrangement with Yahoo USA’s 35% of Yahoo Japan. If Yahoo USA ever have to unload Alibaba and Japan, those companies get first dibs and buy back their share of those companies, not based on Yahoo USA stock, but with a cash exchange that Yahoo USA will add to its bottom line. So that Yahoo USA stock will stay around $54, holding new cash for its sale of Alibaba and Yahoo Japan, that it can add to its bottom line to pay off expenses. Which might still not be profitable. The shareholders own Yahoo USA, and Yahoo USA owns portions of Alibaba and Yahoo Japan, but shareholders do not own Alibaba or Yahoo Japan directly. Said another way, Yahoo USA shareholders own the revenue and expenses of Yahoo USA, not the revenue and expenses of Alibaba nor Yahoo Japan (of which Yahoo USA the corporate body owns 15% and 35% of profit, not even earnings nor revenue). They get their money after expenses are paid, like movie stars. Don’t buy Yahoo USA shares. Its like a movie star who owes the tax man and got screwed by the studio. Some thought it might be like 15% on rent but its more like 15% on profit on rent.

Marissa Mayer, Ridesharing/Housesharing Hacks India, China And Jesus Fuckers

I’m with America and Amazon..and Google too! I don’t believe in ridesharing nor housesharing as a ‘get out’, and I’d rather let Arianna Huffington take that bet for her family’s prospects. Ridesharing and housesharing is more like a drink than a generation of university graduates. We can turn India and China into a modest income gig economy! We can hack Alibaba and Japan through Mayer’s (purportedly the next UBER CEO) share of those companies. Let gig workers drive Cadillacs, if they imagine gig workers are doctorate refugees, they can find one and fuck it to swap DNA. There is no exchange. TAXI drivers are decent families and don’t deserve this. Many have been ensconced permanently. I’d like to see every Silicon Valley motherfucker blind by their Jesus Complex to fuck that gig worker. Never will a Silicon Valley pro business cult hack pro freedom families, this ain’t the Dutch Trading company nigger! Merely friendly competition against India and China, no war.

Rich New York City

NY Court has ruled that Uber drivers are employees, not independent contractors, that are entitled to unemployment benefits. The Pro Business Federation is suing for an injunction to prevent gig economy workers from joining unions and argues that these employees fall outside of labor regulations. Odds are the Pro Business Federation will win, because in NEW YORK, the minimum wage differs for employees of small to big companies, such that employees across the spectrum get different treatment and benefits that depends on whether their company is small or big. In different boroughs of NEW YORK CITY, the minimum wage also varies, from $10 to $11. The assignment of a small business is 10 or fewer employees. So ridesharing and gig workers for companies like Uber will be working for a big company, but it is still likely pro business definitions will expand to include ‘these innovative business models’ while keeping labor unaffected. By the end of 2018, the minimum wage in NY State will be $15 for big businesses and 2019 for small businesses.
The employment rate in the USA is 4.3%, near full employment. Uber drivers aren’t competition if you just graduated with a specialized degree. For white collar professionals ridesharing gig workers aren’t competition at all. If anything, politicians would contend, they elevate the employment rate in an area, creating a new opportunity that doesn’t threaten high skilled white collar professionals.
“Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced a plan to add 100,000 new jobs..particularly positions that pay over $50,000 a year”.
“the job here is to lift the floor for everyone in this city, to make sure that a middle-class lifestyle really is available to everybody.”
The pragmatist that I am assumes these aren’t current gig worker positions. I could be wrong, I’m not a highly trained politician.
For a household of 2.6, that might otherwise do nothing, ridesharing lifts them above the poverty line at a minimum wage of $15 per person. The pragmatist that I am assumes what you think, but again I’m not a highly trained politician.
George Clooney never ended up with a cocktail waitress. And $15 per person won’t get you close to reality like that, that you talk like a shithead in a room full of self made rich. So good on New York for eliminating poverty and getting full employment, I just want to remind them to remember their place. And any stupid rich pretends likewise can fuck it for kids. Especially the rich that breed it. We would rather stick to the old fashion way of making class.
I ain’t never gonna pretend even if Jesus Himself were here, I’d let Him fuck that whore rather than me. I’m just gonna be one of them regular Romans.
My way of class making is open to all and I promise that. That’s my politics. My Faith is treating your kid the same as mine in school, but not out over drinks as strangers. But I’ve been watching the motherfucker who’d take that bet. You might call it a form of prejudice, like my smoking cigarettes. HAHAHA. Lastly, General Motors can go fuck itself for taking away my friends wealth! There is no exchange. TAXI drivers are decent families and don’t deserve this. Many have been ensconced permanently. I’d like to see every Silicon Valley motherfucker blind by their Jesus Complex to fuck that gig worker. Never will a Silicon Valley pro business cult hack pro freedom families, this ain’t the Dutch Trading company nigger!

The Problem With Modern Women

The problem with modern popular women is that they don’t believe in God or the Devil because for lack of ignorance and liberalism, they aren’t familiar with the idea of a ‘known quantity’. And to date one, that is always on the look out for a Devil or God personification, even if she calls herself rational, is to date a woman that has given up her bigger self for small knowledge. And why she falls for the jerk, who gives her small knowledge like glass baubles is because the other one cherishes her greater self like her parents. That includes childish things like reputation and making a good impression. The modern popular liberal woman has glass baubles for brains. She was never trained or skirted that responsibility before she took to navigating the world. To cherish one’s final self without knowing what it will become while maintaining it everyday is faith and love. The modern popular woman has no faith and given up love for glass baubles.

Ever you wore a crown keep winning it every day.

The Canadian Household

Of 13.3 million households in Canada, and 35.85 million individuals, the average household does not constitute even 3 people (2.6 something). A family of four, the traditional American nuclear family, is a rarity. Most Canadians, by and large, have no idea nor priority about family. The average household debt to disposable income, of two whole people by and large, is $1.74:$1 (debt payments use up all of your disposable income plus it takes away from mandatory payments like rent, grocery or utilities). That is expected to rise to $1.80:$1. Canadians are a dying breed. Home ownership makes up 9.2 million of 13.3 million households, there are only 9.2 million home owners in the nation of Canada. If you are married with kids, mostly likely you will own your home (82% odds), if single than its less than even odds (48.5% odds) and if single parent just slightly more (55.6% odds). Its getting dumb and dumber.

In comparison to the USA, with 323,127,513,000 individuals, 116,926,305,000 households and 74,482,056,285 home owners (a steady rate of 63.7% I believe). Today how much you own of your home is less than in the 1960s (the rest is owed to the bank). But what is more glaring is the odds of owning a home among the non-family households in the USA, that singles and single parents have more wealth through home ownership than their Canadian equivalent.

The most striking difference is with singles who live independently. Nearly 60% of American singles own their home to 48.5% Canadian singles who also get free health care. Where in Canada the household debt to disposable income is 174%, in the USA it is closer to 110%.

More singles in the USA own homes and that with their credit cards and other ‘borrowed on’ expenses like healthcare amount to 10% of their ‘take home pay’. In Canada with free healthcare, and no home, their debt payment, on god knows what, takes up 74% of their take home pay!

Finally, lets look at the United Kingdom as well. The debt service payments in the UK is close to 10%, like American households. Their borrowing rate is much higher than what the American consumer has to pay but much lower than the borrowing rate paid by the Canadian consumer, so that the lifestyle of the UK household is not as comfortable as an American because it costs more to borrow money, but they are as happy because they hold as little debt. Meanwhile, for Canadians they have both high borrowing costs and also high debt service payments, which is a funny thing because ‘low central bank rates’ have been all the rage in Canada. This can be because they aren’t borrowing for homes but are borrowing on short term credit cards which have a retail borrowing rate regardless of the central bank rate. The single Canadian without a home has debt service payments of 74% of disposable income on several credit cards that charge a high retail borrowing rate not pegged to the central banking rate.

Image source:  Wikipedia

Source: Government of Canada
Source: Government of the USA

Toronto, the 4:20 or Truno 2008.

Canada’s Provincial Government Bonds sees a surge in foreign buyers. Provincial bonds are like State bonds, for American readers. And several provinces like Ontario and Quebec have seen a surge by foreign buyers, to the tune of $2 billion. Quebec has a budget surplus and is a good investment. But Ontario, only has a new balance budget going for it, except this is a bit of a misdirection with hospitals 130% over capacity and it is selling off government owned assets and cutting into services for people in real need. The poverty rate is 1 in 3. What did you do with the money when the rest of the shopping list isn’t here??? Ontario isn’t as good an investment except that its the center of media in Canada, like NYC and LA. What good is having Ontario in your pocket, for a foreign country, when its only the hub of Canada’s national media? LOBBYING FOR CHEAP OIL! And using the comfort provided by foreign investments in its government bonds to keep media workers stupid and grubs, talking about pretty gowns on Hollywood stars, all the while also writing about giving away oil! Erst while the city administration in Toronto use more than $1.9 million worth of Fentenyl on their work health plans! The goddam train operator is high! Maybe the white cop is a racist! Or a stupid young nigger thinks weed is cool because he’s a Huxtable. They all love Toronto, from all the haters, so leave ‘our’ city alone, you ingrate. To me they’re all motherfucking traitors, who can’t count inventory, save money and love using drugs. Is this atheism or feminism or civil rights? Hardly. Torontonians can’t read or write other than to fill a form. Reading and writing is like masonry, not like shit. Does it practice religion? It does not. Profit is more than about revenue. And practicing religion is more than wasting money, using your nigger hood to smoke weed, and using your job to be stupid as fuck! Toronto wants only to be left alone, except its Albertas oil, and also Canada.
The national average on personal debt in Canada is currently $1.74, to be $1.80 of debt to $1 of disposable income. Its a funny thing and goes like this. After your mortgage payment and your utility bills, you have a $1 of disposable income and the neighborhood kid asks for the $1.8 you owe him. Times that $1 by a million and that $1.8 by a million and you owe that kid. So city administration, that we know are addicts, owe some kid $1.8 x a million on every $1 x a million they can use to buy clothes, eat out and go on trips. Every one is a shit bucket motherfucker, even the goddam mayor because I ain’t that way and I don’t want to know more. And that stupid kid is a nigger because his race ain’t never poor!
Do we have to live with these shitheads that owe some kid all their disposable $1 plus another $0.8 that ain’t disposable? No. Here’s their future: They will sell off assets, rent for the rest of their lives, working for wages to pay the rest of their debt and live off government benefits in old age. That is how. If they don’t pay, they go to jail and their kids are put in foster care.
If you have more assets than debt, even for a teenager, you are in the top 20% and those goddam bank workers better respect that butter!
City of Toronto has reached a critical known quantity despite the assembly of angels. Money, drug addiction and high debt among the rich. The known quantity does not want to get out. And it might not have ever gotten out despite all the ‘patches’ and ‘updates’ available.
City of Toronto is more sovereign than Shenzhen, for international readers.
Social meme now is that if your corporation becomes a feel-good work program, quit. The social meme is that its a feel-good drug using government non profit bullshit thing. The rich are addicts.

Pocket Full Of Change The Stock Market Fever

Planning; when you find yourself with a pocket full of change, that your cup runs over, the stock market fever pushes you to spend it. But that attitude usually separates you from trouble by two degrees if you’re trying to be honest (or one if you aren’t). Just chalk it up to having been right at the start of the year.


Online Advertising Fallacy About Search Engines

In 2015 Google had 66% of the market share compared to Bings 33%. And publishers were worried that search advertising was cutting into their display advertising revenue. Most of which was going to Google, the search engine.

I feel this is a fallacy. Most searches are for information and reference purposes. Using a search engine is a pro active activity. And the final destination is a publishers website. And Google doesn’t own any publisher website. Bing on the other hand has a portal called MSN. So Bing takes 33% of search ads but also a chunk of display advertising as well on its portal. Both companies also have publishers who work with them, where you will see display ads sold by Google and Bing.  Any publisher can be part of these networks. Except major publishing corporations with many websites, like Hearst Corporation, focus on selling ads on their own websites, paying no split to Google and Bing. Though it might also make a lesser type of revenue, that it splits with Google and Bing. The point is that pro active searches take you directly to publisher websites.

Both Google and Bing search engines have requirements of websites in order to prioritize their listing on searching results. These requirements call for a specialist in search engine optimization except that large publishers benefit from there innate size and quality control, that die hard SEO is mostly practiced by individual websites and smaller publishers that compete with these behemoths.

Google and Bing search ads are direct buy ads that take the shopper to a retail page. Internet users looking for general information would choose a publisher website not click a retail ad. An internet user looking for information will eschew clicking a search ad in favor of an organic search result.

The online video ad market is also taking off. The biggest website is YouTube because a lot of people watch short clips on this website that has more viral and user generated content than it does scripted shows.

Verizon’s purchase of Yahoo will give it another portal, alongside and even that it sells ads for. It wants to use these three portals to send readers directly to AOL’s websites, like the Huffington Post and Men’s Health (sic). AOL’s content is said to attract more men than women, even counting the ‘HuffPo’, and there’s no reason to believe it will change with the addition of Yahoo’s USA portal, if it didn’t with the purchase of ‘HuffPo’.

A couple of recent developments point to how some publishers have found open waters in this competitive landscape. Some publishers have taken to augmenting their display ad revenue with ‘content sales’ articles (articles that lead you to buy something) and this is in direct competition to search ads. Except a shopper might have already clicked on a search ad and be put off by a ‘content sales’ article if they are looking for real information.

Mighty independent publishers like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal have gone back to focusing on producing information rich articles instead of trying to compete with search ads. These independent publishers want, not shoppers, but content seekers and seekers of practical information.

Shopping is an activity not a type of reader. The fallacy lead many other publishers like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal to be a mall at the same time as a newspaper.


Affiliate sales bloggers are housewife types who supplement their purchase by writing about the products usage at home. That is its power and it has proven not to translate successfully if you use ‘Kate in a dress’ other than as a substitute for a display ad of the retailer but not as a competitor of search ads.  Unfortunately the affiliate sale commission off that ‘content sales’ article is less than the ad rate of a display ad.



Economics Futurist Report: Not Faith Popcorn HAHAHA

The Baby Boom generation, post WW II, was preoccupied by birth, as a result of abundant work, and the necessity to school their kids, including using entertainment.

The Slacker generation, is preoccupied by death, of their aging Baby Boom parents including providing for long term elder care.  Health care sees a rise, and only high yield industries are making themselves felt, like technology that is mostly software. But students are still following their interests not these social trends.

The Millennials are preoccupied by work, or lack thereof, including concentration of industries in different centers that is a part of the supply chain model.  They are also following their interests not necessarily following demand as in health care or manufacturing trades. And high yield technologies is seeing an over abundance of labor short on management experience.

In order to do well in this era, whose attention is divided between death, progress and regions specialized on industries, a person has to be good with their money, able to manage on their own and have a plan.


The sweetest time spent for the upwardly mobile on mobile.

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