Donald Trump And Wild Boom Town Opportunities

The joke goes, ‘Donald Trump is an immigrant’. Though, he’s not from some exotic place like me or perhaps you. His grandparents are Protestants from England ..the Wild West for Donald Trump’s family was America; and it’s still a wild place full of boom-town opportunities. At 70, a second generation American, he is now the president-elect of the USA.

He thinks the middle-class in Asia, Canada and Mexico rivals that of the USA — so forget about American tariff relief. He thinks Obamacare can be improved perhaps with better access, the type that comes to the customer. He’s wealthy but it seems to come and go like a ‘boom town’ operator instead of a ‘Rockafeller’. He thinks government ‘salary-men’ types operate in ‘ivory towers’ – too earnest for their own personal security than the communities they serve. At least, that to me is what I can fathom of the next American President, starting January 20, 2017 (Happy New Year!).

Donald Trump’s family is not without ‘service’ to their adopted country. One uncle invented x-ray technology that fights cancer today, was a professor at M.I.T. (in 1943, the Federal Bureau of Investigation requested John Trump to examine Nikola Tesla’s papers and equipment when Tesla died in his room at the New Yorker Hotel). The family’s fortunes were amassed by a grandfather who operated hotels in ‘boom towns’ of the Klondike. It seems like ‘yesterday’ thinking about it juxtaposed to HBO’s Manhattan. He was put in military high-school (and has said he received more training than the average student – sounds ‘wild’ considering his family said he was ‘wild’). Finally to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, because the university, Wharton, has this real-estate program ( Mind you, it doesn’t take many credits to ‘get it’ – I have 2 credits in geography and my cartographic start-up is now found on the National Government Of Canada/the European Union/the Great London websites (I wouldn’t trade it either, to be a salary-men type so I can lease a Lexus).

I might not agree with President Elect Donald Trump, I haven’t seen his plan in action, perhaps because I have my own Bachelor’s degree in Economics too. Obviously, I’m after ‘something else’ out of life. But governing is not business. Governing is about looking after the ‘well-being’ of all, where business is about the ‘well-being’ of your own brand-image. What is to come will be about how well Donald Trump can look after the American people, lest his family go back to ‘ordinary’ life after his term(s) – reputation here is as hard as money.

Personally, I think what has won Donald Trump the presidential office is ‘the operating check and balances that grew from his business mistakes’. Of a Cincinnati apartment complex, Swifton Village that was charged with racism, ‘Donald Trump Inc.’ reached an agreement to work with the Urban League to prevent ‘judging books by looks’. ‘Donald Trump Inc.’ is no sleek MBA Maserati Multinational with a glossy shell – it’s gears are open to the public like a classic-watch than an Apple iwatch. It is this one thing that has set him apart, what they call transparency, and technically not ‘hate’ nor ‘corrupt’. It is a very simple game where you stay at the table so long as you got ‘collateral’ – which is a ‘reputation’ worth something under the ‘American Dream’ (what they call ‘league rule-book’).

Survey says the ‘American Dream’ is satiated at $70,000 a year per household, so it’s not a game about ‘cash money’ either – it’s closer to being an M.I.T. professor and upholding Elizabeth & Son’s legacy (now Trump International) than getting on the ‘money board’ of Forbes, it’s like playing Tiger Wood’s Quicken Loans PGA Tour event that’s not on NBC, and everyone thinks he’s a shirker – for his ‘dad’. It’s closer to being the first in your family to earn a Bachelor’s degree because part-time at Starbucks makes the dream come true ( Because ‘there’s no iron-rice-bowl here! and like a classic Protestant, the power-elite might have forgotten that some people live like ‘college students’ until they die, eating ‘instant noodle’ and using transit where a good wait time is under 15 minutes per transfer and each route loops back within an hour or two. In the upcoming presidency, the technocratic bureaucracy, though their math has shown to fail them, might surprise or horrify Americans. Organizational ability is not a patent so it will be made transparent and judged like your credit-card-statement is an indictment or not — the government apparatus is suppose to be like an MBA Maserati and I think Donald Trump can drive one if you can.

Get ready to see what’s under the hold of this ‘beast’ – supposedly the best made in the world! His presidency will be an ‘open watch’ of the expertise of government.

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Toronto’s ‘Left Outside’ Homeless Beats The ‘American Top 10’

The right math reveals Toronto’s secret. The ‘homeless’ population ‘left outside’ in Toronto is greater than the numbers in America’s Top 10 ‘homeless’ cities. How so? For lack of ‘temporary one-night beds’. Such that with a total homeless population of 5,219 (those without long-term ‘homes’) that does not crack the American Top 10 list, our city’s lack of ‘beds’ leave 2,400 outside each night, which places Toronto between #9 (San Jose and Santa Clara, California) and #8 (San Francisco, California).


People Is Toronto’s Problem

‘Ignoramuses!’ the people of Toronto call each other. ‘Our politicians’ are blind to poverty ..they’re insensitive to First Nations and the new minority middle-class consumer! The proof is the way new development usually bulldoze over problems, leaving ‘people’ as the loose ends.

“We’ve all had leaders who are really taken with their image in the mirror, so impressed by the power and influence they seemingly wield. They’re the center of attention, and pleasing them becomes the focus of all our efforts.”

Except ..well, we get the politicians we voted for, don’t we. This growing city of the middle-class urban consumer wants to be able to create a city that reflects their comfortable life. A recent article in a community newspaper reports that, ‘a recent survey, preceding the completion of a new condo tower, on (old) Kingston Road ..conducted by the area’s BIA reveals that the residents blame the businesses themselves.’ The ‘mom and pop’ eatery, that sponsored that survey, is the problem! Who are these ‘assholes’ without a clue??? They’re ‘goddam’ assholes, and I’ll be ‘damned’ for staying mum like a donkey.

I’m sick of billion-dollar deals (Google, AOL, gas pipelines and who got on the board of Century 21 Foundation or if a ‘shit know it all’ hipster rag is trying to reinvent the Social Elite). I can feed myself for $100 a month which leaves me comfortably affording multi-vitamins. I own my own house and my mortgage is less than most of ‘their’ rent. I’m still a ‘social elite’ even if I don’t give a ‘fuck’ if Megyn Kelly is wrong about Santa Claus though I hear her ‘sexual assault’ outcry. I’m a card-carrying member of a Canadian political party and I donate to the cause. I open my wallet at those ‘mom and pop’ places that were there before me, and perhaps I’ve met their kids who run other locations. Don’t come to this town, with your fake ‘finance’ because you never even lined up at the bank teller window (your colour choice for ‘that’ logo got rejected, and their HR hangs a Nobel Prize in the office). You’re an ‘abortion!’ – ‘that’s the billion dollar deal’.

There’s no star system in Toronto because there’s no noble obligation here either. Who’s got a face with a mouth? I really ‘don’t fucking mind because they’re confused about ‘luxury’. I want to be ‘luxurious’ not an abortion! You found it yet ‘chicken shit’. This is like a NYC bus billboard ‘lotus eater’. So ‘fuck you’ before I make you a shitload of money! I’m like the NBA and you’re that old-school street nigger who thinks his brother in Harvard is a sell-out! Don’t ‘fuck’ with the new Black, nigger! Vogue knows, she’s walking to work now!

‘Thank Goodness for social media!’

My ‘Gourmet’ Meal Planning

Yesterday I approached meal-planning like a project with limited resources. My goal is to keep things interesting but realistic (I used to get funny looks from ‘mom’ types because I spent too much on food for one person). I am a bachelor and back at the beginning of my single-hood I used to spend an inordinate amount of money on weekly groceries. I’m also sick of eating like an infantry-man from canned rations that’s cheap, hearty and repetitive.

I carried out my ‘monthly’ meal plan and it came to a comfortable $100 for the entire month, just this evening. This plan is based on my personal experience with eating at home on a budget. I have managed to make it gourmet, game-day and healthy. The secret of this meal plan is taking advantage of ‘left overs’. Here is my meal-plan explained here for the sake of ‘share or die’.

Take an average month and there are about 31 days. Based on my cooking routine, I will say I have a need for about 4 ‘big sit down dinners at home’ (like a pot roast or a big pizza), that translates to 1 big sit down dinner a week while the rest of the time I eat quick meals that can be made in the microwave. These 4 big dinners have left-overs, so they are really 2 days worth of food. Those 4 big meals are like 8 days worth of food. With each meal, I not only have that main (such as the pot roast or the pizza), I also have a ‘grain’ (such as bread – more on this later because it’s important), a side (such as a vegetable or a salad dish). You can buy 4 big dinners at the grocery store ‘any which way’, like a frozen 1 kg. lasagna (which is really for a family of four) for $8. If you buy 4 comparable dinners like that your total is $32 (for 8 days).

That leaves a remainder of 23 days. Reviewing my eating habits, I found I eat three types of things repeatedly (such as instant-noodle, ‘Steamers’ and burgers). My approach to filling in the remaining 23 days is like this .. 23 days for 3 types of quickie-meals is about 8 days of instant-noodle, 8 days of steamers and 8 days of burgers. With each serving of which I also include a ‘grain’ (or soup) and a side (such as french fries, salad or coleslaw). Adding these things up comes to somewhere between $68 or less. Did you ‘get’ how I am able to do that? Well, in actuality, what was on sale at the three food emporium within walking distance comes to a list like this (for $100):

$9.99 (1 kg.) Pulled Pork Flatbread
$9.99 (1 kg.) Butter Chicken and white rice
$6.99 3 Meat Lasagna
$6.99 Beef Lasagna
$2.99 each Two kinds of ‘Steamer’ dinners
$9.99 box of 10 seasoned burgers
1 box / $6.99 Buffalo Chicken Wings
1 box / $5.00 Crispy Chicken Wings
$3.99 NY Cheesecake
2 bags / $5 Spicy French Fries
Vegetable Campbell’s Soup
3 / $1 Canned corn kernels
..and more (such as eggs, juice and coffee) that all came under $100 for the entire month, leaving me with plenty for take-out and things for the coming holiday season.

Oh, about the grain. If you eat out, they always put down the bread first. There is something about it that signals the body to eat. Therefore, it is important to put down a grain (or substitute a soup) to give the body that signal about eating time.

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