Job Snapshot: Artist & Repertoire Staff


The recording industry spends the most on their own version of R&D, commonly called A&R — the scouting of talent and the production of these new artist’s first wide commercial release. The A&R staff achieved legendary status in their hay-day in the 80’s and 90’s before consolidation in the industry cut staff and tightened budgets … [Read more…]

Where The Print Model Went Wrong


Let us take a step back from “media” to pick out the mediums, like print, tv, radio and internet. And with the introduction of the internet, content consumption is on the raise; whether it is on desktop or mobile is really a geek bait. And advertising revenue is also on the raise, but for print … [Read more…]

Profession Snapshot: Casting


Earlier this week, this blog (The Culture of Proof) spotlighted the profession of casting as in Casting Director for films. In this recap of a number of posts, aspiring professionals and actors can benefit from the insight of well respected casting professionals who share professional advice from beginning to end for new grads. And finally, … [Read more…]

Modern Change To Work


So I was holding a book called The Temper of Our Time, in which the author, a working class philosopher and observer named Eric Hoffer, tries to prove that the contemporary state of mind is impatient for change. And what he says about it has a lot to do with the current shift in education … [Read more…]